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    The Story 

    The Story by ArchofImagine
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 21,600
    Summary: In school we are taught that every good story has a beginning, middle, and end. What they don’t teach us, is that every great story involves so much more than that. This is not just any story. This is the story of the cafe owner with a green mohawk and the bakery owner next door that is struggling to stay in business. The story of their imperfect love, their beautiful daughters, and the way that life draws to a close.
    "If I were to describe heaven, it would be spending another lifetime with you."

    Heaven’s Bakery has a new neighbor: Hell’s Cafe. Side-by-side these two shop owners get to know each other through a series of interactions that quickly progress to a relationship that we watch unfold through the years. It is the small moments that make this fic special: Cas climbing a tree to rescue his cat, Dean’s daily quotes and sandwich specials, Cas’ father sneaking a burger with Dean. As the years pass, the glimpses flash by faster and faster - kinda like life. Into every life, some fluff must come! You will definitely receive your daily dose in this delightfully written fluffy fluff fest.

    A DCBB 2014 fic

    posted 1 week ago on Oct 11, 2014 (Sat) at 2:00pm

    The Path of Fireflies 

    The Path of Fireflies by museaway
    Rating: M
    Word Count: 60,400
    Summary: After his humanity is restored, Dean wakes up in bed with Castiel, a wedding ring, and no memory of the past twelve years.

    Oh, my! This post season 9 fic will definitely take you down memory lane. When Dean wakes up in bed next to a happy Cas, and discovers that he’s a glasses wearing co-owner of a B&B in Vermont, he is rightfully suspicious of everything. We follow Dean as he goes through all the hunters’ tests (salt, holy water, silver) and ponders the possibility of an alternate reality (a djinn dream? angel interference? Gabriel teaching him a lesson?). If there’s one thing Dean knows for sure, it is that he doesn’t deserve the happiness and he’s not going to accept it easily, no matter how much his attitude hurts Cas and Sam. Here, we witness Dean’s conflicted feelings of wanting Cas while being scared of intimacy with a man. I’d say that this is a story about Dean getting his heart’s desire before he’s ready and taking his sweet time to sort things out.

    This fic may not have the most original setting (and after 6 years of destiel fiction, what is really new?). However, Dean’s self realization and self acceptance journey is totally worth it. The author builds their story upon the most charged destiel canon elements and masterfully takes Dean and Cas’ story to a very satisfying end indeed. 

    A DCBB 2014 fic

    posted 1 week ago on Oct 7, 2014 (Tue) at 5:25pm

    Submitted Rec: Losing Grace 

    This is a follower submitted rec and, as such, we cannot guarantee that the tags are 100% accurate. From bulletin #76:

    Losing Grace by  [T, 77,400 word count]

    recced by  & grab-the-salt-and-the-cute-angel

    Dean Winchester doesn’t know what he did wrong, and Grace Winchester doesn’t know where she is.
    When Grace is kidnapped by enemies from a time long since passed, her parents Dean and Castiel set off to find their daughter with nothing to go on but a few burnt sigils; meanwhile, Grace is in a race against time as she runs from an enemy that shouldn’t still be in the game, and she finds herself in the last place she expected to be. With the help of his brother Sam, Dean and Castiel are determined to find her; and, with the help of some familiar-but-unfamiliar faces, Grace is determined to save herself.
    Dean is willing to give anything to save his daughter, but never expects what he finds—about the prophecies, about the return of a heavenly power, and about a box in the ground, and how the angels trapped inside are walking free…

    posted 1 month ago on Aug 30, 2014 (Sat) at 3:09pm

    Submitted Rec: A Couple of Kooks 

    This is a follower submitted rec and, as such, we cannot guarantee that the tags are 100% accurate. From bulletin #74:

    A Couple of Kooks by  [NC-17, 67,900 word count (only technically a WIP)]

    recced by  

    Long-time Best Friends Castiel and Dean live in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in Hollywood, California. When Dean gets a call from a previous one night stand, he gets some unexpected news.
    When he gets a call from the hospital nine months later, he and Castiel both experience an unexpected life change.

    posted 2 months ago on Aug 16, 2014 (Sat) at 5:32pm

    Learning Curve 

    Learning Curve by mtothedestiel
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 38,000
    Summary: Dean is a pre-school teacher and Castiel Novak is his new student’s intriguing guardian. They both know the sacrifices that come with caring for others, but, over time, they learn what it means to want something for themselves.

    Sometimes you just want a little fluff. Admit it! This delightfully sweet and fairly angst-free tale certainly fits the bill. The author hits just the right notes in highlighting Dean’s nurturing skills as an early educator. Much of Castiel’s work life is left untold, but his devotion to family is heartwarming. Each has dedicated their time, love and efforts to the other people in their lives, but there is a gap. As the story progresses, each has to decide how important is it to fill that gap and what are they willing to give. I enjoyed this light story of finding love when you least expect it. And yes, there is glitter!

    posted 3 months ago on Jul 5, 2014 (Sat) at 5:57pm

    Submitted Rec: a place for us 

    This is a follower submitted rec and, as such, we cannot guarantee that the tags are 100% accurate. From bulletin #64:

    a place for us by  [T, 15,600 word count]

    recced by flyingcatstiel

    Dean lifts a leg and shoves at Cas’s hip with his bare foot. He wants to stop thinking about djinn dreams, and Zachariah, and why the hell his subconscious would stick him in a reality where he’s a suspenders-wearing pansy and his monster kid is alive. “Would you just lie down?” (Canon divergence from the last few minutes of “Survival of the Fittest,” 7.23.)

    posted 4 months ago on Jun 7, 2014 (Sat) at 8:06pm

    Submitted Rec: Angel Baby 

    This is a follower submitted rec and, as such, we cannot guarantee that the tags are 100% accurate. From bulletin #58:

    Angel Baby by  [NC-17, 137,000 word count]

    recced by kyrie101

    The Winchesters find out that angels do not reproduce the same way as humans. Castiel explains that his vessel is not pregnant, his grace is simply splitting to make a new angel. But, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, especially when Heaven is involved. When the Apocalypse is nigh and Castiel is running out of grace, Dean takes it upon himself to take care of Castiel and the new angel and ends up learning how much the angel means to him. Sam on the other hand, must make amends with his own angel.

    posted 5 months ago on Apr 26, 2014 (Sat) at 5:04pm

    Somewhere Back of the Sun and Sun Verse 

    Somewhere Back of the Sun by enigmaticblue
    Rating: light NC-17/hard M
    Word Count: 72,000 (161,000 for the Sun Verse)
    Summary: By the time Dean stops Lucifer, it’s already too late. A post-apocalyptic tale.

    Somewhere Back of the Sun is an endverse fic, but not 2014!endverse. The main storyline takes place in 2016, in a world where the four horsemen wreaked havoc before Lucifer was destroyed. Interwoven in the main story are chapters that flashback to the previous years, providing context for the current situation. In 2016, Dean and Cas are living in rural South Dakota working to raise their family of mostly orphans in a devastated world. As the story progresses we learn how they slowly acquired abandoned children, starting with Ben and eventually including a brood of six. Despite the domestic aspects of this story, this is neither fluff nor schmoop. Instead it takes the canon characterization of Dean as someone who is a caretaker and nurturer and is unable to turn away from these children, each with a devastating backstory. Even Dean and Cas’ relationship is grounded in friendship and the day-to-day challenges of raising six kids in a world with limited resources.

    The author started this verse shortly after 5x03 and the characterizations reflect this. In particular, Sam is not only wracked with guilt from releasing Lucifer and not being with Dean when he faced Lucifer, but he also mistakenly thinks that Dean was killed in the encounter and continues to spiral into a pit of self-hate for years. The struggle between Dean and Sam to reconcile their emotional baggage is as relevant now as it was in Season 5. I particularly liked the fact that Sam is a critical part of this story and not relegated to the sidelines. There were times I truly wanted to smack him (a feeling shared by Cas) yet the characterization was spot on for the time. More importantly, there is significant growth in his character both in this fic and in the Sun Verse.

    Somewhere Back of the Sun is the first entry in the Sun ‘Verse. 20 additional stories continue to fill in the backstories as well as advance the primary storyline in 2016. Most are short fics (<5000) that were written to fill specific prompts. Two are more substantial, including one written in Dec 2013. The author has not left this verse and continues to expand on the stories of Dean, Cas and Sam in this post-apocalyptic world.

    Original Review 

    posted 7 months ago on Mar 8, 2014 (Sat) at 3:33pm

    Submitted Rec: Written in the Scars of Our Hearts 

    This is a follower submitted rec and, as such, we cannot guarantee that the tags are 100% accurate. From bulletin #51:

    Written in the Scars of Our Hearts by  [NC-17, 52,000 word count]

    recced by kyrie101

    Dean’s… content. He’s single, and he’ll probably stay that way for the rest of his life. He screwed up his relationship with Cas, fucked up badly enough that no one in their right mind would take him back, and really, Dean’s already stupidly lucky that he’s allowed to see Ariel at all, let alone have her over at his place every other weekend. It’s more than he deserves, but hell, he’s not about to give it up. He’s accepted the consequences for his actions, and he’s content. At least, he thinks he is.

    posted 7 months ago on Mar 8, 2014 (Sat) at 3:18pm

    Home in Motion 

    Home in Motion by nomdeplume13
    Rating: light NC-17/hard M
    Word Count: 232,000
    Summary: Castiel swore he was done with spur of the moment decisions that permanently changed Dean Winchester’s life. A year after the angel’s most disastrous, his newest may present the largest challenge of Dean’s life: Fatherhood.

    Home in Motion is a canon based AU that diverges from the main storyline in late S6-early S7. What begins as a straightforward MOTW case quickly transforms when Cas finds a woefully neglected child in the back room of a witness’ home and decides to “liberate” the baby. Things could have easily devolved into a retelling of Three Men and a Baby, and there are a few fun moments in Walmart, yet the author then continues with a series of fairly dark case fics while weaving a story about what defines family, who do you love and finding home.

    The backstory explaining the divergence from canon is slowly revealed in snippets of conversation instead of long tracks of exposition. Before a romantic relationship can exist, Dean and Cas have to first rebuild the trust that was destroyed by Cas’ alliance with Crowley. This is a delight to watch with excellent characterizations. There is a bit of a lull mid-way as our boys settle into the domestic life. That said, by the second part of the story, we realize that by turning left instead of right, a new world has emerged: one with an angelic council replacing Raphael, demon factions vying for power and a network of hunters reaching beyond the usual suspects. I was particularly impressed with the introduction of new characters that worked beautifully with our established regulars.  Remember, this fic was written before we were introduced to Metatron in canon, so the angel we meet here is very different!

    I’m going to let you enjoy the rest of this surprising blend of story elements that asks, “What if?” Read the tags – this fic has a little bit of everything!! Over the last few weeks, there have been a series of asks, and over and over I thought, “Home in Motion!” I will note that the story was unbeta-ed, so there are quite a few typos and grammar issues throughout that can be distracting. Overall, this was a realistic look at what could have been. Though fluffy at times, there are enough canon elements to remind you this is Supernatural. The author has continued to write in this verse with a series of timestamps and follow-up fics. I haven’t read them yet, but I will!

    posted 8 months ago on Feb 15, 2014 (Sat) at 2:35pm