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    Cas and Dean’s Infinite Playlist 

    Cas and Dean’s Infinite Playlist by kkingofthebeach
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 48,070
    Summary: [Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist AU] Dean is the strange bassist and Cas is the Catholic schoolboy, and really, they should never have crossed paths. But Dean is asking Cas to be his boyfriend for five minutes and suddenly it’s a whole night of cross-dressing cabaret, mixtapes, rock bands, and driving around New York.

    One of the things I really liked about this fic is how it switches between Cas and Dean’s points of view and gives us really close look on their thoughts and inner turmoil. The story feels like a constant stream of consciousness and has a fitting teenager-y emotional rawness to it. Technically this is a high school fic but the school part is very short; most of the story takes place during one night when Dean and Cas meet for the first time. And what a night it is! There’s an instant attraction and then there’s some spectacular cockblocking from drunk Balthazar. They’re both still hung up on their exes Anna and Crowley; if you hate those pairings you may want to skip the fic, because oh, my, the ghosts of past relationships are strong with this one. Sometimes the ‘will they, won’t they’ vibe was so overwhelming that I had to remind myself that the fic was written for dche and hope that the author would honor the happy ending part. And yes, they did!

    DCHE 2013 fic
    Fanworks inspired by this fanfic at destielfanworks (other fanworks by title)

    posted 1 year ago on Jun 8, 2013 (Sat) at 10:16am
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      One of the best fics I’ve ever read. It’s a fanfic of Supernatural AND Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. What more...
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      I don’t think you understand how much I love Nick & Norah’s infinite playlist, and stories that take place over 1 day...
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