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    New to Destiel? Fic Recs and Resources 

    Some tags newcomers might want to browse: personal favorites and characterization. Additionally, we know our blog is a bit crazy and intimidating. That’s why we wrote up a guide! We don’t mind helping you navigate our site, we’d just prefer to receive those asks off anon so we can reply in private! Link to our FAQ and two sites for fandom related information (terms, history, etc): supernatural wiki and fanlore.

    New to fanfiction in general? We have a guide for that, too!

    Curious about early destiel fandom? Older Resources + First Wave Authors.

    **We were going to revamp this for our anniversary but got busy. We’ll be updating this in the future but to hold you over until then, check out our Destiel Love post and the various recs included.** 

    Fic Recs

    We like to default newbies to the fandom favorites tag since those fics have broad appeal. However, we decided to do a short list that’s less overwhelming. There’s a lot of great fics out there and this list was actually hard to do. So don’t be upset if your favorite fic isn’t here! To help you guys out, we added a bit of info in parentheses next to the fic (more about the fic, length; explicit/non-explicit). The individual reviews go further in depth.

    External Resources
    (from our other page)

    This lj community has been around since day 1. No, seriously. 4x01 aired Sept 18, 2008, and this community was started on Sept 19, 2008 (ok…so maybe day 2). Currently at over 15 thousand entries, there’s enough to keep you swimming in destiel for years. Direct link to the tags page.

    A yearly destiel fanfic challenge. (Cockles and stories focusing on their friendship [non-romantic] are also included.) There’s two tracks: mini-bang (10k+ word count) and big-bang (20k+ word count). Writers, alphas, betas, and artists work together and create lovely works with accompanying art. Writer signups are in April (artist signups staying open until mid-August). Story postings start in October. Direct link to the delicious account.

    A fanfic secret santa exchange held, you guessed it, once a year. Signups are in the second half of October, with gift assignments sent out in early November. You submit a fic request and fulfill one (thus the “exchange”). Fic gifts are turned in at the beginning of December and posted (anonymously) from mid to late December. Secret santas are revealed mid-January.

    A periodic (sometimes weekly, sometimes almost every other day) newsletter featuring: news, fanfics, recs, picspams, fanart, songvids, multimedia (fanmixes, podfics), and meta.

    I did not include a blurb on all of our external resources but there are a lot of good ones listed on our other page! Seriously, check it out. I’ve got over 20 livejournal fic/fic rec/challenge communities and over 10 thematic rec lists linked.

    Fic Recs by Genre

    As we were doing the initial rec list, we thought: “Hey, we should make it a bit more personalized for individual tastes.” Things quickly got out of hand. This list was still difficult to do, and so if your favorite fic isn’t here, sorry. There’s a lot of wonderful stuff out there. The goal here was to provide a taste of each genre. We tried to get a good mix of AU/SU, length, and age rating.

    posted 1 year ago on May 24, 2013 (Fri) at 12:53pm
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