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    "high school AUs that are historical AUs as well?"

    asker: Anonymous

    So, these are fics one of us had bookmarked or were on our historical AU tag but haven’t read (going just by summary). Also, Dean and Cas seem to be high school age but the fic may or may not happen in high school setting.

    1957 [M, 41,266 word count, AO3 link]

    Castiel and his mother move to Louisiana for his mother’s new job: a great opportunity for Mrs. Novak to be a lady’s companion. The only problem is: The Winchesters are weird and even weirder things happen around them. M for a multitude of reasons.

    1967 [M, 17,837 word count, sequel to 1957, AO3 link]

    Dean and Castiel haven’t seen or heard from each other in ten years. How will they react to the choices they’ve made since those two months they spent together in 1957? Rated M, y’all, in case you didn’t notice.

    The School Dance [T, 3,581 word count]

    1950s Lawrence. Castiel is from a middle class family, Dean lives in the poorer part of town. They’re 17 years old and a friendship forms.

    We Go Together [M, 26,156 word count] Grease AU

    Inspired by, and parallels many themes from the movie “Grease.” And if you’ve seen the movie, Dean and Cas are supposed to be like Sandy and Danny; Gabe and Sam like Kenickie and Rizzo—except Sam is a tad more innocent<3.) Sam and Dean Winchester are new preppy students at Lawrence Highschool in 1954. Not taking the advice of Dean’s newfound friend, Benny, the Winchesters befriend the Novaks, better known as the Hawks a group of greasers. That’s when Sam and Dean meet Gabriel and Castiel, boys they just could not resist.

    Hungry Eyes [M, 30,784 word count] Dirty Dancing AU

    Destiel, Dirty Dancing AU. Castiel’s family vacations in the Catskills, Castiel somehow winds up behind the scenes of the resort, involved witht he employee’s, one of whom is trying very hard to keep something hidden. You’ll only need one guess.

    Bubblegum and Cigarettes [T, 38,312 word count]

    Destiel AU. Lawrence, Kansas, 1959. The Miltons are new in town, but the Winchesters have been around forever. Castiel, the Miltons’ youngest son, hates his new home— until he meets a green-eyed greaser who changes everything he knows about society, life, and love.

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    posted 1 year ago on May 22, 2013 (Wed) at 5:46pm
    1. destielfanfic posted this