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    → with 4 notes

    "Please help me. I once read Cockles fic, and in this fic was Danneel and Vicky too and they know that Misha and Jensen want to fuck, so they arranged it and watched all the time, when they fucked. Do you know this fic?"

    asker: Anonymous

    Sorry! While we have a handful of cockles fics on this site, this is not a place to come and ask about cockles fics you can’t remember the title of, lol. I’ve read like two fics and a handful of pwps. Another mod has only read a bit as well. And I think the third of us hasn’t read any at all. 

    From our other page, these are the people with cockles rec lists. I’d suggest going to them* with questions about cockles fics.

    Normally, I’d delete an anon ask like this (we’ve gotten non-destiel asks before). But considering jibcon, I figured it might be good to let people know we are a terrible resource for cockles.

    If any of our followers know of other cockles rec lists, I’ll link them as well! Just drop them in our ask box. :)

    *sorry in advance to these people, lol. casually throws you under the bus as i direct new cockles shippers to you.*

    ETA: Found this awesome cockles blog that is set up similar to this blog!!

    posted 1 year ago on May 14, 2013 (Tue) at 4:26pm
    1. destielfanfic posted this