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    "Hi, do you know of any good parent Destiel? Like, them with a kid - any age kid, though teenage is preferred. Thanks :)"

    asker: Anonymous

    Well, we have a kid!fic tag. However, most don’t have them with teenagers.

    We haven’t read all of them, but look through summaries and such. There’s a few fics with Ben in them. So he’d likely be a teenager (will be in the summary or mentioned leading up to the fic; alternatively, you could use the search engine to find fics where Ben is mentioned in the summary).

    Oh, and according to castielsangelpeen, Keeping Faith (already on the kid!fic tag) has them with a teen (nonlinear story).

    And here’s a few others:

    His Fucking Kids [T, series, 4 parts, 21,336 count] (teenagers Claire, Emma)

    Jesus, the school should just have a parking spot labeled, “Reserved for the Novak-Winchesters,” because Dean’s getting sick of having to cruise around the parking lot looking for a spot every time he gets a call from the principal about Emma.

    There’s this series (the sequel features Jensen with an older kid…10?):

    A Multi-Panel Love Story [NC-17, 18,640 word count] cockles

    Jensen’s days are spent doting on his son and working on his graphic novel series with his best friend, Jared. Life’s cool, but something could make it a whole lot better. Or make that someone.

    Walk This World with Me  [NC-17, 11,835 word count]

    Set about five years after the end of “A Multi-Panel Love Story” and Jensen & Misha are experiencing some bumps in the road.

    posted 1 year ago on May 6, 2013 (Mon) at 12:10pm
    1. destielfanfic posted this