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    A Moment To Be Real  [M… but it’s on, could be NC-17, 62,758]

    Dean is a janitor at a religious highschool, Castiel is a preachers son, but he’s not as good as you’d expect. Dean’s rather surprised too. Rebellious underage Cas/Janitor Dean. WARNINGS FOR INCEST.

    a place only you can go [M, 25,600 word count]

    Castiel Singer has been living with cardiomyopathy since he was fourteen. He lives with his adoptive parent and sister. While gearing up for graduation ( his sister and lifelong friend Sam), his heart starts to decline. He tries to work through the pain the best he can until his boyfriend, Dean ( a fledgling musician) returns home for a tour. But after an’episode’ that lands him in the hospital, Castiel and his family discover that he is in need of a transplant. Castiel has to step back and consider his relationship with Dean ( who sleeps with others man and women on tour and Castiel is aware) and the guilt of causing financial crisis to his family.

    The Academy of Absent Fathers. [NC-17, 85,000 word count] cockles

    As one of the premiere boarding schools on the east coast, Ellis Academy plays host to the preeminent financiers, businessmen, and politicians of tomorrow. The very dirt stinks of privilege and as a long-time foster child, Misha Collins has no idea how he ended up here. To make matters worse, he’s stuck rooming with the equivalent of Ellis royalty. Jensen Ackles is a lifer - captain of the lacrosse team, do-gooder and textbook overachiever. And they hate each other. Mostly. But as they move from hate to something more, secrets from their unknown yet inextricably linked pasts threaten to destroy everything they’ve built. And the worst part? They have no idea what’s coming…

    Adolescence at an all-male boarding school [T, 44,000 word count]

    Dean doesn’t want to go to a stupid boarding school. Sam loves the stupid boarding school.

    And The Cardinal Hits The Window [R/Mature, 128,000 word count, AO3 link

    Destiel, with a side of unrequited Sam/Cas. High school AU. Dean is in his last year of high school and intends to spend it relaxing. Sam is just starting his first, this all changes when the Novak family moves to the area bringing quite the upheaval of lifestyles in its wake. Sam gets put in the cross fire when things unfold, but can Dean realize Sam isn’t the only one who needs saving? Trigger Warnings; Sexual Child Abuse, Incest, Non-Con, Bullying, Drug Use, underage for a little bit and after that depends on your specific areas age of consent.

    Bubblegum and Cigarettes [T, 38,312 word count]

    Destiel AU. Lawrence, Kansas, 1959. The Miltons are new in town, but the Winchesters have been around forever. Castiel, the Miltons’ youngest son, hates his new home— until he meets a green-eyed greaser who changes everything he knows about society, life, and love.

    Chalk and Chainmail [T, 33,800 word count] 

    When Dean flunks chemistry his parents arrange for a peer tutor to help bring his grade up. When Dean realizes his tutor is the one person he’s been commanded to stay away from, he realizes his failing grade is the least of his problems.

    Come on with the Rain [NC-17, 36,000 word count]

    When Castiel was 15, his life changed. In one tragic instant, he lost his parents, and he was forced to live with his Uncle Bobby in Lawrence, Kansas. There he met the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean, who were living next door. He thought Sam was pleasant, and Dean, well, Dean was special. Three years passed and Castiel’s relationship with the boys developed in an unexpected way. Sam became his best friend. But Dean was a different story.
    Dean was not Castiel’s friend. He was a neighbor, a classmate, the brother of Castiel’s best friend, and the guy who worked part time at his uncle’s salvage yard. That was all. But on the rare times that Dean asked Castiel for help, Castiel couldn’t find it in him to turn him down. Because this was Dean. And the answer would never be “no” when it came to Dean.

    Cruel Dares and Twisted Truths [Mature/R…but so could be NC-17, 57,800 word count]

    It’s their mutual hatred for one another that keeps them at odds but when a dare is given to Dean Winchester for Castiel he has to take it. It’s all fun and games till hearts are broken and secrets are spilled for everyone to see.

    Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It [Teen/PG, 26,000 word count]

    Castiel lives the life of an introvert, affectionately tolerated by his large and wacky family, until the new neighbor boy arrives and turns everything upside down and inside out. 

    Everything Goes My Way [NC-17, 3,900 word count] 

    Castiel is school royalty: football star, intelligent, well-liked; and Dean Winchester is the typical misfit new kid. Call it star-cross’d lovers, or whatever, but Cas gets up to a whole lot of mischief behind closed doors - and what his siblings don’t know, won’t hurt them.

    Forbidden [M, 107,385 word count] 

    With a past behind him, seventeen year old Castiel has escaped and is starting afresh in a new high school. He meets, Dean Winchester, his older and more mature teacher who knows right from wrong but sometimes temptation is just too much to overlook.

    I wanna hold you high and steal your pain [NC-17, 20,000 word count]

    Cas was pretty sure he hadn’t done anything to warrant Dean’s rage - he hadn’t scratched the paint on his motorcycle or teased his brother or done any of the millions of things that Dean Winchester got pissed about - but this was the school rebel, the troublemaker, the attitude problem with legs, and he was walking up to Cas. So yeah, Cas was freaking.

    I’ve Come To Be The Stranger That You Keep [T, 12,810 word count]

    All three Winchesters go undercover at a high school to catch a killer. Their world is turned upside-down when Dean meets Castiel, an Angel of the Lord, in homeroom.

    In Which Castiel Joins The Glee Club [NC-17, 17,000 word count] link

    Castiel joins the Glee Club, Rachel and Kurt fight over which way he swings, and Dean discovers he has a thing for teacher/student (or janitor/student) scenarios. And it turns out Castiel’s really good at being a teenager. The power of song is amazing, isn’t it?

    It’s All Fun and Games [M, 20,000 word count (WIP)]

    Dean Winchester is a football player who is in GPA hell, and Castiel is asked to save him. Things change as time wears on, when Dean realizes why Castiel acts so stiffly, and Castiel discovers about Dean’s tense family life.

    J. Alfred Prufrock Grows a Pair [T, 11,800 word count, AO3 link

    Dean’s a new student and Castiel is God of the high school. They get paired together for an English project and sparks fly.

    Just Surviving High School [T, 8,111 word count] 

    Dean is the powerless firstborn of John “Commander” Winchester ready to start his first day of high school. What he has to do is survive his freshman year, meet his dad’s expectations, struggle to maintain the relationship with his best friend Castiel, deal with his bizarre new friends, cope with his personal archenemy and prevent evil to win. Basically, just surviving high school. Retelling of Sky High.

    Love in Every Stitch [NC-17, 11,000 word count]

    Written for nicole_sill who won me in the help-japan auction. She asked for a Dean/Cas high school AU involving them being friends for a long time and Castiel falling in love with Dean and knitting him a sweater. 

    Not All That [Mature/R, 95,000 word count, AO3 link]

    After moving around all over the country with their father, Dean and Sam Winchester finally settle in a small town in Illinois with their Uncle Bobby for some stability. After starting high school, Dean finds himself breaking the most important rule of all, after only ten minutes - Do no talk to the Novak family.

    Paper Football [NC-17, 4447 word count] (shower sex)

    Castiel is an english teacher, marking his papers outside so he can watch Coach Winchester at work. One paper proves too intesting to pass over. Because all I did while was down was write porn. 

    Phys Ed: The Practical Side [NC-17, 5,419 word count] 

    Dean Winchester remembers a lot of the students he now teaches after moving to the high school in his small home town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But no other student sticks out like Castiel Novak.

    Prayin’ Won’t Do You No Good [NC-17, 6,700 (WIP)]

    The Solomon Institute for Troubled Teens, full of lowlife, good for nothing boys from various towns, various states, but all there for the same kind of reason, like waste washed up on the banks of a river mouth, discarded and useless. The truth is a weapon, lying is a sin, and everything catches up with you in the end.

    Read Between the Calligraphy Lines [T, 3,200 word count]

    When their eccentric principal had launched the epic idea for this Valentine, Castiel knew the time for revenge had come. Now he’d finally get back at the dumb jock Dean Winchester, once and for all. He had a plan. And it was brilliant.

    Rebel Rebel [NC-17, unknown word count (abandoned WIP)] 

    High School AU. Dean Winchester has never been a normal high school student. Helping his private detective father out with cases has given him a questionable skill set and a world-weary attitude. Everything goes from bad to worse however when his small town is rocked by murder, and the more Dean tries to find the truth, the more secrets he unearths. 

    Rock N’ Roll Without a Drummer [T/PG, 6551 word count]

    Lawrence High is putting on a production of Hairspray, and as predicted, Dean Winchester is playing Link Larkin. In a futile attempt to get close to Dean, Cas joins the tech team as a lighter.

    The School Dance [T, 3,581 word count]

    1950s Lawrence. Castiel is from a middle class family, Dean lives in the poorer part of town. They’re 17 years old and a friendship forms.

    Schubert and Schumann and Lapsang Suchong [Teen/PG, 20,000 word count]

    Dean doesn’t really have friends, but if he did, they certainly would be nothing like the weird and quite possibly insane kid who’s just moved in next door with his equally crazy family. 

    So Glad To Meet You [Teen/PG, 36,000 word count (WIP)]

    Dean Winchester is having a mild crisis. Well, mild is putting it lightly. More like a turn-your-world-upside-down-and-rethink-every-decision-you’ve-ever-made kind of crisis. And it all started when the damn Novak family moved to town. (Or, when Dean and Castiel became friends in highschool, and how they became so much more)

    Swimmers Are The Best Kissers [M, 9,400 word count, (WIP)]

    Dean Winchester is star of the swim team of Lawrence High. At a party he meets Castiel, the new kid in town with crazy blue eyes and a fantastic smile. Only a few months away from the enormous and super-important national competition his dad has trained him for for years, Dean finds his feelings for Castiel and their relationship become a priority. This fic is fluffy, angsty, smutty and features pools and skinny dipping.

    Tell Yourself It’s Easy (And It’s True) [T, 9,600 word count] 

    High School AU, Romance

    That One Time At Band Camp [PG/Teen, 23,400 (WIP)]

    He snapped a set of sunglasses into place and crossed his arms. “Welcome to band camp. I’m Dean Winchester. I’ll be your section leader and your new personal god for the next two weeks. Now, go fetch me a sandwich, ladies.”

    Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right But Three Rights Make A Left [NC-17, 44,000 word count] (bonus: ballet school!Cas) author has purged their lj, ao3, and accounts; if someone has a pdf or download link, we will host it; download link (courtesy of the-inevitable-blastwave)

    The beautiful Garrison Ballet School becomes home to a reckless bunch of misfits after the Colt Welding Academy is severely damaged in a fire and has to close for repairs. Needless to say, Castiel and his friends clash with their unwanted guests but there’s one boy in particular who infuriates him.

    We Go Together [M, 26,156 word count]

    Inspired by, and parallels many themes from the movie “Grease.” And if you’ve seen the movie, Dean and Cas are supposed to be like Sandy and Danny; Gabe and Sam like Kenickie and Rizzo—except Sam is a tad more innocent<3.) Sam and Dean Winchester are new preppy students at Lawrence Highschool in 1954. Not taking the advice of Dean’s newfound friend, Benny, the Winchesters befriend the Novaks, better known as the Hawks a group of greasers. That’s when Sam and Dean meet Gabriel and Castiel, boys they just could not resist.

    we should get jerseys (‘caus we make a good team) [T, 9,597 word count]

    Prompt: Dean is secretly unbelievably smart (a prodigy, actually) but is afraid that if anyone knew about that it would destroy his reputation at school. Sam thinks it’s stupid, but it’s Dean, so logic doesn’t apply. UNTIL ONE DAY. A new kid is transferred to their school, Castiel Novak. Dean suddenly and inexplicably feels the need to impress this boy and for once in his life, he feels like his intellect might be the answer for something.

    What kind of name is Castiel? [Teen/PG, 26,000 word count]

    High school AU. ‘Every girl in the room was on full alert, only turning away from the trench coat wearing boy to give each other that look: the look that all girls know means ‘if you ever get to see him naked, you have to show me a picture.’ 

    Where There’s a Will [M, 36,000 word count (WIP)]

    Dean’s mother and little brother died in the fire all those years ago. Now Dean lives with his father who abuses him, and he resorts to a dangerous outlet to escape the pain. Will things ever get better?

    Wicked, Tribal Zen Musical [NC-17, 75,000 word count (WIP),]

    It’s Castiel’s senior year. One year before he can finally be free from his violent and abusive father, and he’s ready to go through it nice and quiet and leave with as much going for him as he can to get into a good college. That is until ‘Zen’, the quirky and arguably insane dramatic arts professor, decides he would be perfect to play ‘Elfabio’, the leading role in ‘Wickéd – The Zen Tribal Musical’. The other (very male) lead is Dean Winchester and, despite all of his attempts to avoid it, Castiel finds himself growing attached to the charming junior. Even more so when he finds out that Dean’s got some skeletons of his own.

    With The Ripp’d Up Queens & Knaves [T, 2,121 word count]

    Dean is the president of the school’s unofficial LARPing club, that sees the inductee of a new member in Castiel Milton.

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