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    "hi! i'm so confused when it comes to LJ, and i'm wondering if you could explain how spnkink meme works? i know the pinboard and stuff, but if i want to leave a prompt, who do i do that? thanks!"

    asker: Anonymous

    Does this help you at all? :)

    Char’s edit: The link above explains the pinboards. I’ll draft up/copy their faq and edit this post in just a second.

    Here you go!

    Ok, posting on the spnkink meme (I agree…they def need a friendlier format; it’s not very welcoming to a newcomer):

    So go to one of the prompt posts (there’s a new ones every month and it is open for prompts for the first half and open for fills all the time; the prompts are split into RPF, spn and other characters, and underage): this month’s spn and other characters prompt post.

    Now, the link to comment is at the bottom of the post, before the comments (“Leave a comment”). I don’t think you even need an lj account to comment.

    In each prompt, there is an FAQ/rules section you should read first (“READ BEFORE COMMENTING”). Definitely read this. For prompts, you follow a certain format in the subject line (REQUEST: [Pairing], [Kinks requested]). There’s a special format if you are requesting something with spoilers. No spoilers for unaired material and you have to wait until Friday after an episode airs to post a prompt for it. Please read the rest of the rules.

    Within your prompt comment, you add specifics. Look at the comments already there to get an idea of what you’re supposed to do!

    Hope this helps!!

    posted 1 year ago on Apr 3, 2013 (Wed) at 12:53pm
    1. destielfanfic posted this