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    "Sorry, I can't remember if I already sent this to you a few days ago or not... Can you guys rec any (destiel obvs) fics with heavy emphasis on Dean's friendships with others (such as Charlie and Jo?) or Cas's friendships with others (such as Sam or Chuck?)"

    Cas + Anna:

    Cas + Balthazar:

    Cas + Charlie:

    Cas + Chuck:

    Cas + Gabriel:

    Cas + Hester:

    Cas + Jess

    Cas + Jo:

    Cas + Jody:

    Cas + Kevin:

    Cas + Lisa:

    Cas + Lucifer:

    Cas + Mary:

    Cas + Sarah

    Cas + Rachael:

    Cas + Ruby:

    Cas + Sam:

    Dean + Benny

    Dean + Charlie:

    Dean + Jo:

    Dean + Michael:

    Dean + Sarah:

    Dean + Victor

    This definitely isn’t it, but should get you started. I’d also suggest looking through our outside POV tag. If any of our followers want to add something, drop us a line in our ask box!

    posted 1 year ago on Mar 31, 2013 (Sun) at 1:53pm
    1. destielfanfic posted this