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    → with 9 notes

    "Any fics where Dean gets thrown into / is in / or gets out of juvie?"

    asker: Anonymous

    Sorry this took a while to get around to. I’ve been answering the quick asks since I haven’t had a lot of free time (traveling and so forth) and wanted to take some time to tell you about this fic I’m super excited about! The author had an original release time of December, but that’s obviously changed…though she is still working on it. OMG…it looks so good and angsty with rebellious!Cas. (First chapter up on

    Prayin’ Won’t Do You No Good [NC-17, estimated word count of 50,000 (WIP)]

    The Solomon Institute for Troubled Teens, full of lowlife, good for nothing boys from various towns, various states, but all there for the same kind of reason, like waste washed up on the banks of a river mouth, discarded and useless. The truth is a weapon, lying is a sin, and everything catches up with you in the end.

    I don’t know of any others, sorry. If others do, drop them in our ask box!

    posted 1 year ago on Mar 21, 2013 (Thu) at 7:46pm
    1. destielfanfic posted this