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    "My favorite spanking fic is nanoochka's "Wishbone" fic. There is also FayJay's "Control"; ekbe_vile's "Dollars & Cents"... Olympia's "An Apple A Day" librarianette's "Oh yes you do Mr. Novak" and Alsoann's "Thirteen Days". Just a few of my favorites but I have more if your user wants them. Though I only read sub!Cas so these are all Cas getting spanked by Dean. :)"

    Thanks! Links to our reviews for Control and Oh Yes, You Do, Mr. Novak.

    Wishbone [NC-17, 8,400 word count]

    Castiel seeks redemption after the souls are sent back to Puragory and he is left human. Struggling to understand the true meaning of what it is to atone, he solicits Dean’s help. 

    Dollars & Cents [NC-17, 4,600 word count]

    Sex isn’t the same, after Hell.

    An apple a day [NC-17, 35,000 word count]

    In a world where slavery is a fact of life, Master Dean acquires a pretty slave. Little does he know that he got more than a live sex-toy. Only it takes him a while to figure that out. Follow him and Cas on a not-exactly-romantic adventure with cuffs, wax, clothespins and a variety of plugs. Or not - nasty things happen and how much consent do slaves have anyway? 

    Thirteen Days [NC-17, 17,000 word count] ETA: This story has been taken down. If a follower has a copy, we’ll host the download link here. Here’s the link to spnkink meme where it was first posted (likely a rougher draft than what was posted unanon).

    Castiel has thirteen days until he turns sixteen.  Thirteen days left to go into his first heat.

    posted 1 year ago on Feb 23, 2013 (Sat) at 2:59pm
    1. destielfanfic posted this