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    Out of the Deep 

    Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone [author spotlight]
    Rated: NC-17
    Word Count: 489,000
    Summary: Stay away from the light-beds. Stay in the deep.
    It is the first thing hatchlings are taught the moment their fans unfurl and they can swim without their parents to buoy them along. It is the first rule, the first law. It is the beginning of every boogey-monster bedtime story told when they settle against the cliffs to sleep.
    Castiel should have listened better.

    This fic has made me feel a colorful range of emotions through it’s story, which is how you know it’s good. It is definitely angstier than my usual taste but what draws me to it the most is how wonderfully unique it is. Castiel and the other angels are merfolk called Fin-Kin (bioluminescent merfolk who live in a dark trench away from the world and the demons). Sam and Jess are marine biologists while Dean is a boat mechanic. They capture Castiel and a wonderful, angsty, intense, and romantic story takes place. I highly recommend this fic. The writing is superb. It is detailed but without boring you with too many details. The story flows very easily and the creativity level is through the roof.
    It’s not a finished fic. (ETA: Now finished.) However, the author (riseofthefallenone, link to OOTD info page on the tumblr; there’s also fan art and fic links from there) tries to update it every Sunday, which means a new chapter today!
    Stories from Dean’s POV - Dean’s Drabbles [NC-17, 160,000 word count]

    Follower Review by silent-asmodeus

    Fanworks inspired by this fanfic at destielfanworks (other fanworks by title)

    posted 1 year ago on Jan 6, 2013 (Sun) at 4:31pm
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