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    Master List of All Reviews 

    → with 355 notes


    With this list, you can ctrl+f to find a favorite author, certain ratings, fics of a certain category, a fic you don’t remember the complete title of, and so on!

    The master list is below and in the format of: 

    title by author [age rating, word count, categories]
    age rating: T (teen), M (mature), NC-17
    categories: angst, au, crack, dark, end, fluff, porn, su
         end: end!verse (2014!verse, the end, 5x04, etc)   
         porn: multiple/well written sex scenes (different from pwps)
         su: supernatural universe

    **Last fic added: Light in the Dark (Sept 12, 2014)**

    1. 12 Steps by gedry [NC-17, 33,000, angst, au, fluff]
    2. 36 Views of Dean and Castiel by haruslex [NC-17, 10,000,angst, fluff, porn, su]
    3. 300 Things by cautionzombies [NC-17, 76,500, au]
    4. 525,600 Minutes by oatmeal_queen [M, 45,000, angst, su]
    5. A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead by ageofdiscovery [M, 77,200, au]
    6. A Better Method of Pretending by ricketyhands [NC-17, 42,000, au, su]
    7. A Brief Glimpse by cloudyjenn [T, 12,400, au, fluff]
    8. A Crash Course in Someone Else’s History by scaramouche [T, 11,500, su] 
    9. A Cold Academic Hell Series by moorishflower [M/NC-17, 114,000, au, fluff]
    10. A Distant Mirror by zatnikatel [NC-17, 14,700, au, crack, porn, su]
    11. A Hole in the World by anneliesemichel [NC-17, 221,000, angst, au, porn]
    12. A Hole in the World by bauble [M, 6,700, angst, su]
    13. A Judicious Application Of Free Will by scaramouche [NC-17, 57,000, au, su]
    14. A Lot Like Falling by komodobits [M, 88,900, angst, su]
    15. A Mighty Dark Night by blue_fjords [NC-17, 74,000, au]
    16. A Million Ways to Go by chasingrabbits [NC-17, 91,000, angst, au]
    17. A Night At The Museum by swordofmymouth [NC-17, 38,000, angst, end, su]
    18. A Rain of Feathers by laceymcbain [NC-17, 13,000, porn, su]
    19. A Room Of One’s Own by northernsparrow [NC-17, 94,000, crack, fluff, porn, su]
    20. A Vague Memory of Wisdom by takadainmate [M, 35,000, su]
    21. A Very (Milligan-) Winchester Christmas by pyjamagurl [T, 13,400, au, fluff]
    22. A Vessel’s Demands by chainthatbinds [NC-17, 3,900, porn, su]
    23. Above & Below by murron [NC-17, 45,200, angst, su]
    24. Absolution & Kin by wolfling & omphalos [NC-17, 226,000 (abandoned WIP), su]
    25. Ache by highermagic [NC-17, 5,000, porn, su]
    26. Ad Astra by nhixxie [T, 17,400, angst, au, su]
    27. After the Flesh by queengeekkeri [NC-17, 32,500, au, dark, porn, su]
    28. Ain’t a One of Us Perfect (And That’s Okay) by umbrellas-can [NC-17, 14,300, au, dark]
    29. Alchemy by wanderamaranth [M, 37,000, au]
    30. All I’ve Got to Give by rockstarpeach [NC-17, 85,800, angst, au, porn]
    31. All Saints Saga by oselle [NC-17, 104,000, angst, end, su]
    32. All That Is And Used To Be by misachan [NC-17, 27,000, angst, au, su]
    33. All the Hours Wound by fossarian [NC-17, 47,000, angst, porn, su]
    34. All the Way by cadignan [NC-17, 81,000, angst, au]
    35. All Things New Again by sullymygoodname [M, 50,000, angst, au]
    36. All Things Shining by askance & standbyme [NC-17, 142,000, angst, fluff, su]
    37. All This Derision by lies_unfurl [NC-17, 23,300, au, dark, fluff, su]
    38. All Your Instruments by kalliel [M, 25,800, angst, su]
    39. Alone Together by holmesless-assbutt-timelord [M/NC-17, 31,000, angst, au]
    40. Among the Wreck by lady-deathangel [NC-17, 110,000, angst, au, su]
    41. An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ by beastofthesky [M/NC-17, 27,000, au, fluff]
    42. Ancillary Stoke by nanoochka [M, 10,000, au, fluff]
    43. and anywhere I lay my head I’ll call it home by janie_tangerine [NC-17, 13,100, au, fluff]
    44. And I Will Walk On Water by tracy_loo_who [NC-17, 122,000, angst, porn, su]
    45. Angel On The Radio by seazu [NC-17, 63,300, angst, au]
    46. Angel Slayer by emwebb17 [NC-17, 139,000, angst, au, porn]
    47. Angelface Verse by anticipating boxes [NC-17, 80,000, au, dark, su]
    48. Angelhawke by almaasi [NC-17, 418,000, au, fluff, porn]
    49. The Angle of Repose by standbyme [M, 45,000, angst, au]
    50. Ann a bhios mo dhòchas by obstinatrix [NC-17, 7,000, au]
    51. Anything Worth Dying For by waldorph [NC-17, 30,000, angst, su]
    52. Anywhere But Here by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 11,000, au, fluff, su]
    53. Apple Pie, Baby by whistle-for-me [NC-17, 61,000, au]
    54. The Apple Sliced to Pieces by worldturtling [NC-17, 14,500, angst, su]
    55. Appoggiatura by ceeainthereforthat [NC-17, 121,000, au, fluff]
    56. Après by imogenbynight [M/NC-17, 24,000, fluff, su]
    57. Are You There, Dean Winchester? It’s me, God. by bunnymaccool [M, 33,300, angst, su]
    58. As The Sparrow by hubrisandwax [NC-17, 19,000, angst, au]
    59. As You Will by kototyph [T, 1,800, au, fluff]
    60. Aschenflügel by liadan14 [NC-17, 29,000, au]
    61. Asunder by rageprufrock [NC-17, 23,800, au, fluff]
    62. At the Bottom by deans1911 [T, 1,700, angst, su]
    63. Aurora Borealis by unoshot [T, 26,500, angst, au]
    64. Autumn Hollow by shotgunsinlace [NC-17, 98,400, angst, au, porn]
    65. Bad Kings by fossarian [NC-17, 13,800, angst, porn, su]
    66. The Beating of His Hideous Heart & The Hanged Man by obstinatrix [NC-17, 3,900, au, dark, porn]
    67. Before the Fall by exorcisingemily [M, 40,400, angst, su]
    68. Before the Fall Verse by exorcisingemily & mrstserc [M, 315,000, angst, su]
    69. Before the Sunrise by tiptoe39 [NC-17, 3,200, porn, su]
    70. Below Skyscrapers by aesc [M, 35,500, angst, au, su] 
    71. The Best Men by jscribbles [T, 60,000, angst, su]
    72. The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass by ireallyhatecornnuts [NC-17, 111,000, au, fluff, porn, su]
    73. Bezal’el by brinysaltines [NC-17, 21,700, angst, dark, su]
    74. Big Bad World One by namichan89 [M, 31,000, au,fluff]
    75. The Bird that Feels the Light by ratherastory [M, 38,000, fluff, su]
    76. Blackboard by lemonoclefox [NC-17, 76,800, au, fluff, porn]
    77. The Boomerang Effect by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 13,700, angst, dark, porn, su]
    78. Bone Trilogy (Bone, Scarred, Unbroken) by apokteino [NC-17, 29,500, angst, au, dark, su]
    79. Bonnie & Clyde by highermagic [NC-17, 3,600, au, dark, porn]
    80. The Boy Done Wrong Again by seasideimprovisation [M, 29,300, au, fluff]
    81. Boys Helping Boys by bumblee [NC-17, 39,400, au] 
    82. Bratishka: Little Brother by valyria [NC-17, 33,200, angst, au]
    83. The Breath Of All Things by kismetjeska [T, 65,400, angst, au]
    84. Bring It On Home by obstinatrix [NC-17, 14,900, porn, su]
    85. Bring It On Home by thecouchcarrot [M, 41,000, angst, au]
    86. By Some Unseen Light by melo [M, 23,300, angst, su]
    87. By the Dark of the Moon by r2metoo [NC-17, 92,400, angst, au, fluff]
    88. C-S-T-L by komodobits [M, 90,400, angst, au]
    89. The Cabin by bookkbaby [NC-17, 16,300, angst, su]
    90. Captivated by deathtoonormalcy [NC-17, 59,000, angst, au, dark, porn]
    91. Carry On by tamryneradani [NC-17, 148,000, angst, au, porn]
    92. Carry On Up This Broken Tide by nanoochka [NC-17, 115,000, angst, au, porn]
    93. Cas and Dean’s Infinite Playlist by kkingofthebeach [NC-17, 48,000, angst, au]
    94. Castiel Rising by phate-phoenix [NC-17, 70,000, angst, au, porn, su]
    95. Catch the Wind, See Us Spin by prettify [NC-17, 12,000, angst, au, su]
    96. Caught In The Crossfire Between Heaven And Hell by princess_aleera [M/NC-17, 40,000, au]
    97. Chances by thecouchcarrot [T, 8,000, angst, au]
    98. Chasing Cars by ratherbehere [NC-17, 45,400, au, fluff]
    99. Chasing the Sky by daymarket [M/NC-17, 12,000, au, dark]
    100. Circumference by nyxocity [NC-17, 3,900, angst, su]
    101. Clipped and Unbound by garrisonbabe [NC-17, 50,200, angst, au, fluff]
    102. Come In From The Cold by deathbycoldopen [M, 32,400, au, fluff]
    103. Con!AU: Dream As If You’ll Live Forever & Live As If You’ll Die Today by commodoresexual [NC-17, 29,400, au, fluff]
    104. The Consequences of Falling by fayjay [NC-17, 37,000, au, su]
    105. The Consort by ladyoneill [NC-17, 17,300, dark, su]
    106. Contrapasso by takadainmate [NC-17, 60,000, angst, su]
    107. Control by fayjay [NC-17, 11,000, au, porn, su]
    108. Convenient Husbands by scaramouche [NC-17, 39,000, au, fluff, su]
    109. Convictions by gedry [NC-17, 24,000, au, fluff]
    110. Crossroads State by mercy [NC-17, 54,000, angst, au]
    111. Culinary Education by murron & eretria [NC-17, 13,000, au, fluff, porn]
    112. Cult-de-Sac by bluemorpho [M, 45,900, fluff, su]
    113. cut it out, and then restart by cheesewithmy [NC-17, 11,400, angst, su]
    114. The Daily Grind by highermagic [NC-17, 87,200, au, porn]
    115. The Dance of Inanna by peppermintwind [NC-17, 106,000, angst, su]
    116. Dark Side of the Moon by imogenbynight [M, 37,200, au, angst]
    117. The Day the World Went Away by pyjamagurl [NC-17, 60,000, fluff, su]
    118. Dean Winchester, Straight Shooter by triedunture [NC-17, 16,000, au, fluff, porn]
    119. Desecrate that Sanctuary by brokentoy [NC-17, 3,540, porn, su]
    120. Desolation by moosefeels [M, 25,200, angst, au]
    121. Destiel, Actually by bloodism [NC-17, 16,000, crack, fluff, su]
    122. Dies Irae, or Something by alchemyalice [T, 50,000, su]
    123. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives by cymbalism [NC-17, 15,000, fluff, su]
    124. The Distance of the Setting Sun by murron [M/NC-17, 18,000, fluff, su]
    125. Do What Feels Good by catchclaw & cymbalism [NC-17, 12,500, fluff, porn, su]
    126. Domesticated by kototyph [M, 15,200, au, fluff, su]
    127. Don’t Ever Look Back by misachan [NC-17, 36,000, au]
    128. Don’t Walk On By by virtualpersonal & brimstonegold [NC-17, 60,000, au, porn, su] 
    129. Down the End of the Road by cheesewithmy [M, 22,600, angst, au, su]
    130. Drag You Down to Paradise by rocketgirl2 [NC-17, 44,300, au, su]
    131. Dreameater by beastofthesky [T, 38,800, au, su]
    132. The Dreamer and the Mystic by bellanovaskies [NC-17, 110,000, au, porn]
    133. Dummy with the Rapture by hansbekhart [M/NC-17, 8,000, angst, end, su]
    134. The Empire of the Lion and the Wolf by missjigsaw23 [M, 121,000, au, su]
    135. Epilogue by JayneL/serrico [NC-17, 27,700, angst, end, porn, su]
    136. Equinox by luchia13 [M, 12,100, fluff, su]
    137. Even If It Kills Me by cymbalism219 [M, 7,500, angst, fluff, su]
    138. Except Thou Bless Me by architeuthis [NC-17, 10,000, angst, porn, su]
    139. Exceptional Circumstances by manic_intent [NC-17, 52,000, su]
    140. Excerpts From Carver Edlund’s Magnum Opus by twentysomething [NC-17, 27,000, au, fluff]
    141. Excite by friedariena [NC-17, 3,300, crack, porn, su]
    142. Exonerated by thecouchcarrot [M, 101,000, angst, au, dark]
    143. Face to Face with the Skies by quiddative [NC-17, 40,000,au, fluff, su]
    144. Fairy Verse by cloudyjenn [M, 15,300, au, crack, fluff]
    145. Falling From Heaven by siriusleeroy [T, 685, fluff, su]
    146. Fata morgana. by orange_crushed [T, 6,600, angst, su]
    147. Finality by siximpossiblethings [M, 5,200, angst, au]
    148. Flying In Circles Inside A Jar by prospopeya [NC-17, 11,000, porn, su]
    149. For Love, For Glory by bellanovaskies [M, 84,000, au]
    150. For Me This is Heaven by thunder_nari [T/M, 30,000, angst, au, fluff]
    151. Found In A Land Of Make Believe by spnblargh [NC-17, 18,200, angst, au, porn, su]
    152. The Fourth Wall by entangled_now [M, 40,000, crack, fluff, su]
    153. Freefall by lastknownwriter [NC-17, 129,000, au, fluff, porn]
    154. Friends Helping Friends by scaramouche [NC-17, 6,200, au, porn]
    155. From The Ashes by littlehollyleaf [NC-17, 9,500, angst, su]
    156. FWB Verse by elizaye [NC-17, angst, au, porn]
    157. Gained in Translation by aesc [NC-17, 4,600, porn, su]
    158. Gargoyles on Motorcycles by mandraco [NC-17, 24,600, au, fluff]
    159. Ghost Dance by omphalos [M/NC-17, 51,000, angst, su]
    160. The Ghost of Embers by moorishflower [M/NC-17, 38,500, au]
    161. The Ghosts in the Machine by prettify [NC-17, 10,000, fluff, su]
    162. The Ghosts of Blackthorn Hall by linoresearch [NC-17, 95,000, angst, au, su]
    163. The Girlfriend Experience by rageprufrock [NC-17, 15,400, fluff, porn, su]
    164. Going Forward by gedry [NC-17, N/A, au, fluff, su]
    165. The Good Samaritan Rule by manic_intent [NC-17, 6,100, au, porn]
    166. Good Things Do Happen by trinityofone [T, 11,000, fluff, su]
    167. Graceless by cheesewithmy [NC-17, 47,000, angst, su]
    168. The Great Escapist by 8sword [NC-17, 101,000, angst, au]
    169. Grey by valyria [NC-17, 60,500, angst, au, su]
    170. grip them tight and raise them from pernicion by flux [T, 20,000, au, fluff]
    171. Gripped You Tight And Raised You From Biggerson’s by sockiah [T, 24,500, au, su]
    172. Grotesque by lastknownwriter [NC-17, 58,500, angst, au, porn]
    173. Halfway by anythingtoasted [NC-17, 30,000, angst, fluff, su]
    174. Hands, From Which All Things Are Built by majorenglishesquire [T, 14,600, angst, su]
    175. The Hands That Bind Me by zombiecat [NC-17, 54,000, angst, dark, porn, su]
    176. Hard Road by aleishapotter [NC-17, 58,000, angst, su]
    177. by cloudyjenn [NC-17, 17,000, au, porn]
    178. Have Love, Will Travel by squeemonster [NC-17, 94,000, au, fluff, porn]
    179. He Didn’t Forget by mishalsmyangel [T, 3,990, angst, su]
    180. Head For The Exits by temporalranger [NC-17, 25,000, au, porn]
    181. Heaven Sent You Downstream by twoskeletons [T, 10,600, end, su]
    182. Hell Rises with Him by otp-destiel [NC-17, 25,000, dark, su]
    183. Helplessness Blues by fio [NC-17, 10,000, au, porn]
    184. Here Endeth the Lesson by trinityofone [T, 4,500, su]
    185. Hey Jealousy by whreflections [T, 3,700, angst, su]
    186. Highwaymen. by orange_crushed [NC-17, 66,400, angst, au]
    187. Home in Motion by nomdeplume13 [M/NC-17, 232,000, su]
    188. House of the Rising Sun by moonlettuce [NC-17, 14,000, au] 
    189. How A Righteous Man Raises A Rose by swordofmymouth [T, 5,600, angst, au, su]
    190. How Still My Heart by cadignan [NC-17, 70,700, porn, su]
    191. Hummingbirds by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 23,700, angst, fluff, su]
    192. I Broke Apart My Insides, I’ve Got No Soul To Sell by twisting_vine_x [NC-17, 15,000, dark, porn, su]
    193. I’m not an addict (baby that’s a lie) by bree_black [NC-17, 14,000, angst, end, su]
    194. I’m yours ‘til they come by sepherim_ml [NC-17, 30,000, angst, au, su]
    195. I Through My Window See by dehavilland [T, 26,000, angst, su]
    196. If I Knew Then What I Know Now by whatuseeintheshadows [M, 338,000 (WIP), angst, fluff, su]
    197. If I Lose Myself by justbygrace [T, 17,800, au, fluff]
    198. Imitating Life by littlehollyleaf [NC-17, 60,000, au, su]
    199. In Eridu by takadainmate [M, 66,500, angst, su]
    200. In The Blood by zatnikatel & nightrider101 [NC-17, 75,500, angst, su]
    201. In The Dark by fine_feathered [NC-17, 24,000, au, dark, porn]
    202. In the Shuffling Madness by araftatsea [T, 45,500, angst, su]
    203. In The Silence Afterward by ibroketuesday [NC-17, 13,100, angst, su]
    204. In the Weeds by nanoochka [NC-17, 40,000, au, porn]
    205. In This Secluded Spot I Respond As I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere by rhymephile [M, 34,000, au]
    206. Inevitable Homoeroticism in Spanish Romantic Heroes by prosopopeya [NC-17, 41,700, au, fluff, porn]
    207. The Inexhaustible Silence of Houses by askance [M, 31,900, dark, su]
    208. Into Your Hideaway by thepinupchemist [NC-17, 176,000, angst, au, fluff]
    209. It Never Gets Better Anyway by wolfrider89 [NC-17, 15,500, angst, au]
    210. It’s Always the End of the World Somewhere by scaramouche [NC-17, 21,000, angst, au]
    211. It’s Because You Love Him by siriusleeroy [T, 1,270, fluff, su]
    212. The Jagged Edge by geckoholic [NC-17, 33,300, angst, au, fluff]
    213. Jubilees by ghostyouknow [M, 17,400, angst, au, su]
    214. Jump the Track by lafleurdumai85 [NC-17, 83,300, au]
    215. K-Pop Verse by earth_heart [NC-17, 16,600, angst, au, dark, porn]
    216. Keeping Faith by zoemathemata [T, 9,000, fluff, su]
    217. Kind Of A Forever Deal by komodobits [NC-17, 112,000, au, fluff]
    218. Kingdom Come by cheesewithmy [M/NC-17, 97,700, angst, au]
    219. Kingdom Come by queenannabethwinchester [NC-17, 71,000, angst, su]
    220. Kiss You When It’s Dangerous by zoemathemata [NC-17, 58,000, au, su]
    221. Lakota Falls by anne-higgins [NC-17, 43,000, au]
    222. The Last Angel on Earth by starkraves [NC-17, 4,600, angst, dark, end, su]
    223. The Last Guys on the Bench by inplayruns [NC-17, 50,000, porn, su]
    224. Last One Out Hits The Lights by entangled_now [NC-17, 38,000, angst, su]
    225. The Law of Conservation of Energy by peroxidepest17 [T, 90,000, angst, su]
    226. Lay Your Weary Head to Rest by ladyoneill [NC-17, 35,000, angst, su]
    227. Leap That Makes the Fall by miss_annthropic [M, 60,000, angst, su]
    228. Leaping upon the mountains by whit-merule [NC-17, 3,600, au, porn]
    229. Learning Curve by mtothedestiel [NC-17, 38,000, au, fluff, porn]
    230. Leaves of Grass by triedunture [M, 43,200, su]
    231. Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses Of His Mouth by fayjay [NC-17, 6,300, dark, porn, su]
    232. Left Hook by lielabell [NC-17, 11,900, fluff, su]
    233. Let the Altars Shine by tiptoe39 [NC-17, 70,000, au, fluff, su]
    234. Light in the Dark by nurfherder [NC-17, 110,000, angst, au]
    235. Light Up the Sky for Me by starandrea [T, 51,000, su]
    236. Lights Out by ru_salki99 [NC-17, 15,000, au, fluff]
    237. Like Whiskey by highermagic & sully86 [NC-17, 16,300, au, dark, porn, su]
    238. Living Right Is In the Trying by reticentric [NC-17, 71,000, au, fluff]
    239. The Long Road Back by bleeding-muse [NC-17, 75,000, angst, end, su]
    240. Looking For A Run-In by nox_wicked [NC-17, 21,300, au, fluff]
    241. Looking In The Wrong World by misslucyjane [NC-17, 33,000, fluff, su]
    242. Lost Souls by lastknownwriter [NC-17, 77,000, angst, au, dark]
    243. Love is not Love; Which alters when it alteration finds by angemicwings [NC-17, 24,800, angst, au, su]
    244. Love Song of a Madman by agirlnamedtruth [M, 12,000, angst, su]
    245. Lovingly Crafted and Tenderly Packaged by janie_tangerine [NC-17, 17,400, au, fluff]
    246. March-Stalkers Mighty by whit_merule [NC-17, 152,000, au]
    247. Master of Reality by peppermintwind [NC-17, 88,500, angst, au]
    248. The Mechanics of Love by invisiblebookwm [T, 22,000, au, fluff]
    249. The Melting Verse by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 110,000, su]
    250. Metaphysical Gravity by zoemathemata [NC-17, 79,000, au]
    251. The Mirror by cloudyjenn [M, 24,500, au, fluff, su]
    252. Monsters of Men by runoutofwit [NC-17, 63,000, angst, au, dark, su]
    253. Moonshine Lullaby by akadougal & tiptoe39 [NC-17, 39,000, angst, au]
    254. Morning Teach by camui_zuuki & dream_0f_flight [NC-17, 175,000, angst, au, porn]
    255. The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by ibroketuesday [M, 11,200, crack, fluff, su]
    256. Mr. Know-It-All by baba_writes [NC-17, 21,800, angst, au]
    257. Much More Than A Hunch by gedry [NC-17, N/A, au, fluff]
    258. My Eyes Are An Ocean by entangled_now [NC-17, 10,000, porn, su]
    259. My Roots Take Flight by kismetjeska [M, 126,000, angst, au, su]
    260. Named by mclachlan [M/NC-17, 95,000, su]
    261. Nestfallen Verse by glassyskies [T, 17,000, angst, su]
    262. The New Messiah by superwholockian [T, N/A, angst, su]
    263. New Neighbors by cloudyjenn [T, 4,550, au, fluff]
    264. Nine Times We Met (And One Christmas We Parted) by almaasi [NC-17, angst, au]
    265. No Brakes or Take-Backs by highermagic [NC-17, 12,000, au, porn]
    266. Not All The Way Through by tracy_loo_who [NC-17, 4,700, angst, end, su]
    267. The Occasional Sentimentality by scaramouche [NC-17, 7,500, au, dark]
    268. Of letting go by melonbutterfly [M/NC-17, 40,000, angst, au, su] 
    269. Of Terminals, Trails & Valentines by littlerworkerbee [T, 5,500, au, crack, fluff]
    270. Oh What A Beautiful City by moosefeels [M, 27,200, angst, au]
    271. Oh Yes, You Do, Mr. Novak by xlibrarianettex [NC-17, 10,000, au, porn]
    272. On Air by wincechesters [NC-17, 21,000, au, fluff]
    273. On the Bright Side, There Isn’t a Bright Side by ageofdiscovery [NC-17, 55,500, fluff, porn, su]
    274. On the Way Down by wallmakerelict [NC-17, 11,200, fluff, porn, su]
    275. On the Wings of War by alchemyalice [M, 85,000, su]
    276. One, Two, Three, Repeat by mnwood [M/NC-17, 10,100, angst, end, su]
    277. The One In Which Castiel Doesn’t Fall by tracy_loo_who [NC-17, 5,700, angst, su]
    278. One Species Too Many by wallmakerrelict [NC-17, 21,500, fluff, su]
    279. Oneiroi by mclachlan [NC-17, 55,000, angst, su]
    280. the open sky (is mine tonight) by weatheredlaw [NC-17, 22,000, angst, au, fluff]
    281. Orion by kkingofthebeach [NC-17, 52,000, angst, au, fluff]
    282. Orion by xephwrites [NC-17, 15,000, porn, su]
    283. Our Bodies, Possessed By Light by obstinatrix [NC-17, 42,000, su]
    284. Our Small World by yellowfic [T, 42,000, au]
    285. Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone [NC-17, 489,000, angst, au]
    286. Outrun My Gun by misachan [NC-17, 33,100, angst, au, su]
    287. The Overflow by murron [NC-17, 16,600, au, su]
    288. Painted Angels by winjennster [NC-17, 105,000, angst, au]
    289. Paradise by hollycomb [T, 8,400, angst, su]
    290. Paradise Forgotten By Carver Edlund by tracy_loo_who [NC-17, 8,400, crack, su]
    291. The Parts of Our Sum by scaramouche [NC-17, 55,000, angst, au, porn]
    292. Past Present by lastknownwriter [NC-17, 84,000, angst, au, fluff)
    293. Paved with Good Intentions by crystamartin [NC-17, 29,700, dark, su]
    294. Peace and Good Luck To All Men by kismetjeska [T, 32,400, au, crack, fluff]
    295. Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake by sparseparsley [NC-17, 31,000, au, fluff]
    296. Penguin Verse by cloudyjenn [M, 4,200, au, crack, fluff]
    297. Penumbra by waywardseraph [NC-17, 29,000, angst, su]
    298. Perceptions by jackvelvet [M, 30,500, angst, su]
    299. The Pet Whisperer by liliaeth [NC-17, 66,500, dark, su]
    300. The Piano Man by biscuits1992 [NC-17, 9,120, au]
    301. Pick It All Up by thepinupchemist [NC-17, 126,000, angst, au]
    302. Pies and Prejudice by linoreasearch [NC-17, 97,400, au, fluff]
    303. The Pillow Verse by various [NC-17, 91,000, fluff, su]
    304. Play It All Night Long by janie_tangerine [NC-17, 43,000, au]
    305. Player 2 Is Ready by alreadypainfullygone [NC-17, 25,000, au, fluff, porn]
    306. Point Pleasant by chainedtoacomet [NC-17, 173,000, au, porn]
    307. Porcelain by samedestination [NC-17, 73,700, angst, au]
    308. The Prank That Filled the Spank Bank by bookkbaby [NC-17, 41,000, au, fluff]
    309. The Precision of The Fall by behindblue-eyes [M, 36,900, angst, au]
    310. Pretty Angel by tracy_loo_who [NC-17, 14,800, au, porn, su]
    311. Pro Tempore by snappapple & wildirerose [NC-17, 50,500, su]
    312. The Promised Land Is Here by primitivepublic [NC-17, au, dark, porn]
    313. The Propensities of Good Men by thevinegarworks [NC-17, 140,000, porn, su]
    314. The Prophet Must Die by imogenbynight [M, 54,500, angst, su]
    315. Pulling Out The Nails by todisturbtheuniverse [T, 58,200, angst, au, end]
    316. Punch Drunk Love Trilogy by highermagic [NC-17, 16,000, au, porn]
    317. PWP: Pie Without Plot by majorenglishesquire & orange_crushed [M/NC-17, 83,000, angst, fluff, su]
    318. Razor Wire Shrine by queengeekkeri [NC-17, 44,500, angst, end, porn, su]
    319. Reaching as I Fall by apokteino [NC-17, 75,000, au, su]
    320. Redemption Road by various [NC-17, 650,000, angst, su] First Review
    321. Reflection of You by vichan [M, 50,000, angst, end, su]
    322. The Reluctant Contestant by starcatcher17 [T, 50,500, au, fluff]
    323. Repent of Your Sins by anonymous [NC-17, 23,700, angst, dark, su]
    324. The Request by cloudyjenn [T, 36,000, au, fluff, su]
    325. Resignation by jolayne [M, 29,500, au, fluff]
    326. Return to Sender Address Unknown by gedry [T, 9,400, angst, su]
    327. Road, You Gotta take Me Home by rockstarpeach [M, 32,000, angst, au]
    328. The Roman Thing by takadainmate [M, 9,100, angst, su]
    329. Roots by anythingtoasted [NC-17, 38,700, su]
    330. Round Came the Magpie by stolen_childe [M, 68,400, au, su]
    331. Rvr Ro11435 by ferritin4 [NC-17, au, crack, fluff]
    332. Safe Spaces by dustlines [T, 22,800, angst, su]
    333. Saint Elmo’s Fire by highermagic [NC-17, N/A, au, porn]
    334. Samskeyti by brokentoy [NC-17, 40,000, angst, au]
    335. Santorum Will Pry My Porn From My Cold Dead Hands by alreadypainfullygone [NC-17, 41,800, au, crack, fluff]
    336. Second Childhood by cloudyjenn [T, 17,000, fluff, su]
    337. Second Verse, Same as the First by oatmeal_queen [M, 35,000, su]
    338. The Secretary by saltandbyrne [NC-17, 7,200, au, porn, su]
    339. Seraphs and Phoenix Wings by daksgirl [NC-17, 134,000, angst, dark, su]
    340. The Sharp Edge of Earth by dotfic [M, 29,000, angst, su]
    341. The Shattered One by miss_annthropic [M, 94,000, angst, su]
    342. Sheer Coincidence by skara_brae [NC-17, 25,500, au, fluff, porn]
    343. The Shepherd by kikicecchetti [T, 1,480, fluff, su]
    344. Shine by moushkas [T/M, 48,000, angst, au, fluff]
    345. Shine by zatnikatel [M, 118,000, angst, su]
    346. Shootin’ You Straight by rockstarpeach [NC-17, 40,400, angst, au, porn]
    347. Shortskirts Verse by twentysomething [NC-17, 22,400, au, fluff, porn]
    348. Show Me How to Love (And I’ll Show You How to Live) by primitivepublic [NC-17, 29,000, au, porn]
    349. Skin Deep by kikicecchetti [M, 6,570, su]
    350. Sleight of Hand by melo [T, 14,700, angst, au]
    351. Smoke in the Mirror by letters_of_stars [NC-17, angst, au]
    352. So Glad We Made It by scaramouche [M, 16,400, angst, au, fluff]
    353. So Love Me Now, Hell is Coming by casexuality [NC-17, 5,300, end, porn, su]
    354. Some Kind of Courtship by scaramouche [NC-17, 16,700, au, dark, porn]
    355. Someone I Forgot to Be by mathildamavis [NC-17, 36,500, angst, au]
    356. Something Stupid by zatnikatel [NC-17, 20,400, fluff, su]
    357. Something Unexpected by cloudyjenn [NC-17, 7,600, au]
    358. Somewhere Back Of The Sun by enigmaticblue [M/NC-17, 72,000, angst, su] First Review
    359. Song of Songs by architeuthis [NC-17, 28,000 (abandoned WIP), angst, porn, su]
    360. The Soul Piece by cloudyjenn [M, 138,000 (abandoned? WIP), su]
    361. Sporty High School AU (An Extra Lap, Personal Best, Peak Condition) by triedunture [NC-17, 18,600, au, fluff, porn]
    362. Start Quoting Shakespeare and We’re Done by pyrebi [T, 15,000, au, crack, fluff]
    363. Stockholm Syndrome by earth-heart [NC-17, 20,700, au, dark]
    364. Storage Wars by mtothedestiel [NC-17, 28,000, au, su]
    365. Store-Brand All-Purpose Flour by xaandria [T, 7,300, au, fluff]
    366. The Story of Autumn And Me by starandrea [T, 47,700, au, su]
    367. The Story of You and Me by the_diggler [NC-17, 55,000, fluff, porn, su]
    368. Suburban War by squeemonster [NC-17, 105,000, angst, au]
    369. Suck It Up by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 49,800, angst, dark, su]
    370. The Summer Holds A Song (We Might Sing Forever) by obsinatrix & annundriel [NC-17, 11,000, au, fluff, porn]
    371. Supernaturally Enchanted by anne-higgins [T/M, 33,600, au, fluff, su]
    372. Sweaters & Cigarettes by lemonoclefox [NC-17, 150,000, au, fluff]
    373. The syntax of things by dotfic [M, 23,600, angst, su]
    374. syntax verse by dotfic [NC-17, 38,500, angst, fluff, su]
    375. Taking Liberties by cadignan [M, 46,500, angst, au]
    376. Tales of Brave Ulysses by behindblue-eyes [T, 55,900, angst, su]
    377. Tangled Up in You by xochantelly [NC-17, 11,400, au, fluff]
    378. Tastes Like Forgiveness by dc_derringer [NC-17, 36,500, angst, dark, porn, su]
    379. Terms Of Service by misachan [NC-17, 21,000, angst, au, fluff]
    380. That Awkward Moment When… by highermagic [NC-17, 7,200, porn, su]
    381. there i will be buried by cheesewithmy [M, 43,700, angst, au]
    382. There Will Come Soft Rains by janie-tangerine [NC-17, 36,000, angst, au, end]
    383. There’s Only One Sure Thing That I Know by blinkiesays [NC-17, 20,400, fluff, su]
    384. These Are Not Real Problems by scaramouche [NC-17, 30,500, angst, su]
    385. This is All Life Really Means by gedry [T, 90,000, angst, au, fluff]
    386. This Story Was Brought To You By Our Sponsors by scaramouche [M, 29,500, angst, fluff, su]
    387. This Thing Called Free Will by tracy_loo_who [T, 2,500, angst, su]
    388. Though the Brightest Fell by thevinegarworks [NC-17, 67,700, angst, dark, su]
    389. Three’s A Crowd by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 25,000, angst, porn, su]
    390. Through The Dark by endversed [NC-17, 43,200, au, angst]
    391. Through Those Cold Nights by melo [M, 5,200, angst, su]
    392. Thunder & Angels by pm_lo [NC-17, 54,300, au, fluff]
    393. Thursday’s Child by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 114,000, end, su]
    394. Thursday’s Child by wyntereyez [T, 59,600 (abandoned? WIP), angst, fluff, su]
    395. 'Til the Last by miss_grey [NC-17, 75,100, au, dark]
    396. Till Human Voices Wake Us by saltandbyrne [NC-17, 21,000, au, porn]
    397. Time On My Hands by murron [NC-17, 25,600, fluff, su]
    398. To Call Your Own by lady-deathangel [NC-17, 18,800, au]
    399. To High Places by Narrow Roads by fossarian [NC-17, 35,400, au]
    400. To Reign in Hell by whreflections [NC-17, 70,000, dark, su]
    401. Together, They Fight Crime by stoatsandwich [NC-17, 86,700  (WIP), au, dark]
    402. Tramps Like Us by mkhunterz [NC-17, 162,000, angst, au]
    403. Tripping by hatteress [NC-17, 49,000, porn, su]
    404. Try-Something Tuesday by almaasi [NC-17, 48,300, au, crack, fluff, porn]
    405. TutorMate by ehryn [M, 21,100, au, fluff]
    406. Twist and Shout by discover & standbyme [NC-17, 97,500, angst, au, porn]
    407. The Ugly Duckling by zafona [M, 81,800, au]
    408. Ugly Sweater Verse by saidtheking [NC-17, 184,000, fluff, porn, su] First Review
    409. The Unbroken Ones by miss_annthropic [NC-17, 237,000, angst, fluff, porn, su]
    410. Unconditionally Horny and Eternally Sad by wormstaches [NC-17, 31,700, angst, au]
    411. Unexpected Destinies by otp-destiel [NC-17, 450,000 (WIP), porn, su]
    412. Unfamiliar by riseofthefallenone [NC-17, 30,000, au, fluff]
    413. Until The Lost Become The Found by twisting-vine-x [NC-17, 36,000, angst, end, porn, su]
    414. Veracity by zatnikatel [NC-17, 1,800,angst, porn, su]
    415. The Vessel by chellefic [NC-17, 7,500, porn, su]
    416. The Violin House by teh_helenables [T, 8,500, angst, fluff, su]
    417. The Voice Of The Turtledove by obstinatrix [NC-17, 60,600, au, porn]
    418. Walk a Mile by cloudyjenn [NC-17, 13,400, au, fluff, porn, su]
    419. The Waste Land by savingfaith333 [NC-17, 78,600, angst, end, su]
    420. Waves by wormstaches [M, 54,100, angst, au]
    421. The Way Back by rainylemons [T, 36,000, angst, su]
    422. The Way the War was Won by deans1911 [NC-17, 39,000, au, fluff]
    423. The Way to a Man’s Heart by mkhunterz [T, 15,500, fluff, su]
    424. Wayward Sons by matildamavis [NC-17, 83,400, angst, au]
    425. We All Have Our Time Machines by wandersfound [NC-17, 26,000, au, fluff]
    426. We Became the Gravel Beneath the Tires by noellabear [NC-17, 19,700, au, fluff]
    427. We Built Our Own World by melonbutterfly [NC-17, 68,000, angst, au, su]
    428. We Have All The Time In The World by strangenessandcharm [NC-17, 44,500, angst, dark, su]
    429. We’re the Cliche by endversed [NC-17, 28,800, au, fluff, porn]
    430. Welcome to Humanity by winnywriter [NC-17, 20,000, angst, fluff, su]
    431. Welcome to Oz by bauble [NC-17, 90,000, angst, au, su]
    432. Well, What Do We Have Here? (Baby Please Don’t Go) by shilohslaughter [NC-17, 32,000, au, dark, su]
    433. What I Need by xaandria [NC-17, 47,000, au]
    434. What Once Was Sacred by saltandbyrne [NC-17, 55,800, au, porn, su]
    435. When Charlie Met Cas by riseofthefallenone [M/NC-17, 25,000, fluff, su]
    436. When Play Turns Bitter by nanoochka [NC-17, N/A (abandoned? WIP), angst, au, porn, su]
    437. "When" Series (When All is Lost & When the Road is as Dark as My Fears) by apokteino [NC-17, 28,400, dark, su]
    438. Where My Demons Hide by deans1911 [M, 24,000 (WIP), angst, au, fluff, su]
    439. White Winter Hymnal by newbluemoon [NC-17, 23,200, au, fluff, porn]
    440. The wilderness. by orange_crushed [T, 8,000, angst, su]
    441. Willowsbend by miss_grey [NC-17, 51,000, au, fluff]
    442. The Winchester Revision by proxydialogue [NC-17, 38,300, angst, au, dark, su]
    443. Winter Song by nyoka [NC-17, 4,300, porn, su]
    444. The World Crashing Around Us by thepinupchemist [NC-17, 36,000, au, fluff]
    445. Would You Lay With Me, If I Game Myself To You? by janie-tangerine [NC-17, 9,000, porn, su]
    446. Wrap Your Arms Around Your Own Body by ionchannel [NC-17, N/A, au, fluff]
    447. You Know My Name by weatheredlaw [NC-17, 5,600, au, fluff]

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