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    Sporty High School AU 

    Sporty High School AU by triedunture
    AO3 link
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 18,600
    Summary (of An Extra Lap):  Cas is on the high school swim team and Dean Winchester is the super-attractive, too-cool-for-him lacrosse player. They’re both practicing late one cold autumn night, and Dean succumbs to exhaustion. It’s up to Cas to help him. Series includes: An Extra Lap, Personal Best, and Peak Condition.

    This is a short series that started as a pwp and then had some plot added in the sequels. A good combination of fluff, porn, and plot. Very enjoyable. Oh, and the ending is lovely and happy.

    posted 1 year ago on Dec 4, 2012 (Tue) at 8:54am
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      This is really great, and got me started on the Destiel high school AUs.
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