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    Morning Teach 

    Morning Teach by camui_zuuki & dream_0f_flight
    AO3 link
    Rating: NC-17

    Word Count: 175,000
    Summary: Art teacher Castiel Novak has just turned 29 when he meets Dean Winchester at a gay club. After sleeping with the boy, he leaves in a hurry, trying to cope with the guilt over betraying his girlfriend and his overly conservative parents. But forgetting Dean becomes close to impossible, when Castiel’s new job at a High School in San Francisco reveals Dean to be a most troublesome student…

    So this piece is set up into two parts (destiel and sabriel), with the destiel part making up the majority of the fic. Plenty of angst, some fluff, and loads of porn. It’s an RP, but well done. I read it mostly for the destiel, though I did finish the whole piece (just not putting as much focus in the sabriel part). The destiel part was a really good read; though there was a plot twist towards the end on the level of a soap opera, lol. The relationship between Gabriel and Sam in the first part made me…uncomfortable (Sam is 14! while Gabe is 31). Sure, they don’t do anything physical…but still “fall in love.” I wish it had been done as more of an infatuation on Sam’s part instead of a mutual relationship. A 31 year old falling in love with a 14 years old? Yeah…not believable, especially considering how much time they spend together to get to that point (not that much). 
    However, the Sam and Gabe relationship in the sabriel part was better (with time jumps that make the age gap less of a problem). Also, I’m pretty sure the two authors are not from the US. There’s mention of a road trip (in casual terms) that spans from Stanford, CA to New York City (~50 hour trip).

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    posted 1 year ago on Nov 11, 2012 (Sun) at 9:23am
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      seriously go read this now. its one of my personal favorites
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      I’m from California, rp partner Ines (from Germany) wrote the
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