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    Convenient Husbands 

    Convenient husbands by scaramouche [author spotlight]
    AO3 link
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 39,000
    Summary: “It’s only temporary, right?” Dean says. “Just until you’re healed up, and then we’ll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?”

    I loved this one. Sort of AU, where Castiel is most definately not an angel. Really love the AU spn science and theology the author created, and Dean and Cas’ relationship. Really lovely, and fluffy, if a teensy bit confusing at times.

    There’s a sequel here (beyond the timestamp scaramouche did for the fic). It is very different in tone and not fluff (happy ending though).
    SPN J2 BB 2012 fic

    posted 2 years ago on Sep 13, 2012 (Thu) at 10:01am
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