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    Waves by wormstaches
    Rating: M
    Word Count: 54,100
    Summary: Dean Winchester is the average guy: football, college, kid brother, nice car, girls and beer; his life is black and white, that is until he meets Castiel Collins: pretentious, slutty, sweater-wearing genius, who won’t even take the time to look up at him from his obscure novel while he insults him. And then everything is shades of gray and Dean is drowning.

    Oh good lord. Definitely my favourite destiel college AU, without question. Brilliantly written, and I loved the constant ‘waves’ and ocean references. Just beautiful. If you like a decent length, fluffy yet pretty angsty AU, this is the one for you.

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    posted 1 year ago on Sep 4, 2012 (Tue) at 8:47am
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