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    The Day the World Went Away 

    The Day the World Went Away by pyjamagurl
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 60,000
    Summary: After being reunited with Sam and leaving Lisa, Dean is finding that adjusting back into the hunting lifestyle is harder than he thought it would be. When a particular hunt goes badly, he gets knocked out, only to awaken five years in the future. Things are definitely different; Castiel is a hunter, Sam is married and things between Dean and Castiel have gone somewhere Dean really hadn’t expected. And somewhere in all of this there is a lesson to be learned.

    This fic! Oh, so wonderful. There’s a plot and domestic-ness. I love Sarah in this! Actually, all the characters are really well done. Seriously…read it. These reviews are becoming a problem because it makes me want to go back and reread all my favorites! 

    Ok, I just have to include one of my favorite parts (don’t worry…it doesn’t spoil anything):

    ‘Bobby’s fine,’ Sam says. ‘Not that much has changed, really…we still hunt, we still save people. The only difference is that now I have Sarah and Deej, and you have Cas.’
    ‘I always had Cas,’ Dean says a bit defensively, and it’s only a moment later, when Sam gives him an amused look, that he realizes the implications of what he’s just said.
    ‘I meant in the biblical sense.’ Sam smirks and Dean goes beet red despite himself.
    ‘Not in the… I mean in the gospel, holy angel sense!’ But Sam’s smirk has only widened. Dean busies himself with eating his cheeseburger and deliberately avoiding his brother’s gaze for a minute. 


    DCBB 2010 fic

    posted 2 years ago on Sep 1, 2012 (Sat) at 3:10pm
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      Omg I read this and I lost it and it’s been driving insane because I couldn’t find and now I have and I’m soooo happy...
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      Fallen!Hunter!Castiel Sarah Blake Winchester Sarah/Sam Their son. Deejay. BABY DEEJAY Deejay. DEEJAY, Did I mention...
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