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    Bone Trilogy 

    Bone, Scarred, and Unbroken by apokteino
    pdf/epub/mobi (courtesy of destielebooks)
    Rating: NC-17 (Scarred)

    Word Count: 29,500
    Summary (of Bone): When Dean (raised from hell by some unknown force) and Sam stop the last seal from breaking, heaven decides to bring its own apocalypse. Late in the war, an angel with dark hair and striking blue eyes is captured, and Dean - Dean is his interrogator.

    This is a darker fic (graphic torture) with StockholmSyndrome!Cas. But there’s an actual relationship, too…just different. There’s d/s as well. The writing is amazing. It’s powerful, it’s painful…there’s breaking but then mending. This is what a trilogy should be. 

    posted 2 years ago on Aug 31, 2012 (Fri) at 5:03am
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