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    Ask Box + Search Engine Tips 


    Before submitting an ask:

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    Note A: If the mods don’t know the answer to your ask, it may be published as a group ask for our followers to help answer. So if your ask doesn’t get answered in a few days (sometimes a week), that may be why.
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    Tips on Using the Search Engine

    So our search engine (in the sidebar) is pretty awesome. If you are great at googling to find things you need, you can probably ignore most of this section. To start off with, here are our original tags (tags that we have been using since we started this blog).

    Categories**              Length                                    Age Rating                         
    angst                          <10,000 (“short”)                    Teen/PG (“T”)                             
    AU                               10k - 40k (“medium”)             Mature/R (“M”)                           
    crack                           40k - 100k (“epic”)                  Explicit/NC-17 (“NC17”)             
    dark                            100,000< (“superepic”)                                                             
    end!verse (“end”)
    porn (multiple/well written sex scenes) [different from pwps]
    supernatural universe (“su”)

    In addition to these tags, we tag all our reviews with “fic rec.” We get a lot of asks and so the fic rec tag is a handy way to filter out asks and only view official reviews (mind you, we do a lot of unofficial recs within asks). If in your searches, you want to get rid of asks, just add [#fic rec] to your search!
    The search engine is handy because you can use it to browse fics labeled with multiple tags. You can also use it to filter out a certain tag. Even better, the search engine searches the entire post, not just the tags (like the default tumblr search does). Anything that is in the summary or our review can be searched for. So if you kind of remember the summary of a fic, but not the name…you can probably find it by searching key terms.
    • Want something short and fluffy? [#short #fluff]
    • Want something long, but with low/no angst? [#epic -#angst] or [#superepic -#angst]
    • Want a porny, long AU? [#porn #AU #epic]
    • Want angst, but nothing too short? [#angst -#short]
    • Want something dark and porny? [#dark #porn]
    • Want something long, angsty, but with no explicit sex? [#epic #angst -#nc17]
    • Want something porny and of medium length? [#porn #medium]
    • Want something long and explicit? [#epic #nc17]
    • Want AU porn? [#au #porn]
    • Want porny high school AUs? [#porn high school]
    • Want long canon-ish, explicit fics? [#su #epic #nc17] or [#su #superepic #nc17]
    • Want short, low angst, non-AU fics? [#short -#angst -#au]

    **We also have submitted recs with these same categories but the tags are slightly different (so the original category tags aren’t overwhelmed with submitted recs). Ex: angst -> sr: angst. You can also search these tags using the methods listed above (search using #sr: angst instead of #angst).

    Remember that we have addressed several topics through asks and through our own desires to add new tags. Those topics and tags are on our tags page. Give that a look over before submitting an ask!

    A quick guide to cross-referencing ask created tags here.

    Thanks and happy destieling!

    - Charlene, Rasma, & Kyrie