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    A Hole in the World 


    A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 221,000

    Summary: Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime.

    We don’t generally review WIPs, but I wanted to get this one out there specifically because it’s an a/b/o fic (as in the past, I’ll do a follow up review once it’s complete). I think people see the a/b/o aspect and just automatically move on. This is the first fic I’ve read where it’s treated seriously, has a plot, and isn’t just for porn reasons. The evolution of knotting is even briefly explained! Usually, it’s just…oh yeah, a/b/o!verse…let’s move on now.

    The universe is very interesting, a bit dystopian (the story is mostly focused on Dean and Cas, but there’s hints of the outside world along the way), and I’m honestly tempted to tag it as sci-fi. Society’s power structure and the mistreatment of/prejudice against omegas is a pretty big issue. As you can guess from the summary, this fic features past sexual abuse/ptsd!Dean and reassuring!Cas. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is all about Cas helping woobie!Dean. No. Dean is very independent fuck-you-very-much. Additionally, Cas has his own painful past.

    I think a lot of the fandom has conflicting feelings about John, and I really like how the author dealt with his character. Dean and Cas get together kind of quickly but there’s still a slow build (physically and emotionally), consent and free will being important to both of them. It’s been a delight to read so far, so don’t let the a/b/o scare you off! (And if you’ve never read a/b/o and want more info, click the link in the first paragraph or message us off anon if you want specifics on how it is presented in this fic.)

    Re-review: I was recently looking at recs for abo and one of the responses was “obligatory mention of A Hole in the World” and yeah, that kind of covers it. It may not have been the first to take a serious look at abo and how that would realistically translate to real life but it was certainly one of the first to usher in that trend. While this is technically issuefic, it keeps itself grounded in the characters and their motivations and thus is able to stay away from being too preachy. And though it wasn’t a major focus, I really enjoyed Cas’ struggles with religion versus organized religion. I wasn’t a big fan of the emotional storyline ending (too sweet and neatly tied up for this lover of angst), but I loved how the plotty storyline (with court cases and civil rights) wrapped up. What can I say? I love a good underdog story and this story has you rooting for them and their misfit family group the whole time. One final caveat: this was a well written serialized piece. Why the caveat? Well, if you’re like me and barrel through fics in one sitting, it can get repetitive. However, it works incredibly well for reading in chunks because each chapter is so well contained.

    "Do you know of any fluffy fics where we see Cas's wings? Like, non-smutty wink kinks, I guess."

    asker: Anonymous

    Well, you see…this is why we decided to call the tag wing!fic instead of wing!kink (so we could use the tag for non porny stuff, too :P). It’s uh, just porny 90% of the time. So here’s the non porny fics from that tag (with a * next to the titles that are fluffy/you specifically should check out). Note: we only added M rated stuff that we had read and thus knew that there wasn’t any/much explicit sexual content. There’s other M rated stuff on the tag you might want to check out, though. I also went through the creature!cas tag.

    And here’s some fics that happen to be explicit but I wouldn’t consider wing!kink.

    And here are some teen rated search results from ao3 for "wing" (oh and for stuff rated G/general - results). Getting out of pairing tag (cas/dean) and into the friendship tag (cas & dean) will likely turn up even more results for you!

    And for those who are interested (probably not the asker, lol), there’s some angsty wing!fic that’s not wing!kink on this ask about wing harm/torture.

    If our followers have nonporny wing fics to suggest, let us know!

    posted 1 day ago on Sep 16, 2014 (Tue) at 6:20pm

    Author Spotlight: thepinupchemist 

    Continuing our spotlight feature, here is an author spotlight by thepinupchemist! (Master list of previous author spotlights here.) Some of her fics we’ve highlighted:

    You can find her fic master list here on AO3. Other places to find the author: [main tumblr] [spn tumblr] [twitter].

    Behind the cut:

    Without further ado (and in her own words)…

    Read More

    posted 4 days ago on Sep 13, 2014 (Sat) at 5:23pm

    For Science! 

    For Science! by pm_lo
    Rating: NC 17
    Word Count: 21,600
    Summary: Selected transcripts and supporting materials from Dr. Castiel Williams and Dean Winchester’s seminal study on physiological and psychological sexual response by gender designation.

    It’s not a secret that a well written abo fic can have a serious look at traditional gender stereotypes & prejudices, and also have heaps of hot sex. Well, this lovely, cracky piece manages to do both while not taking itself too seriously. I mean, a fic about Dean and Cas researching the sexual behavior of alphas, betas and omegas by watching them having sex and later joining the study themselves? Ha, sign me up! For the fic I mean, not the study.

    But most importantly, this is a transcript fic! Let me tell you why I love them so much. Transcript fics are pure dialogue where the reader is not bogged down by descriptions like the color of one’s shoes (or eyes) and isn’t given direct access to a character’s thoughts or feelings. You really have to pay attention to what is said and when. Transcript fic allows the reader to fill in the gaps, to imagine the scene. It’s almost like watching the show. ;) And when the author succeeds in capturing the characters’ voices as well as in this fic, you know you have a winner. I can’t tell you how many times I chuckled at Dean pushing Cas’ jealousy buttons or Cas making deadpan remarks. In short, just read it! And those folks who are not sure about abo fics, give it a try, it is for science. ;) Then read it again, the fic gets even better second time around.

    Btw, good luck at guessing who’s the alpha and who’s the omega during their first conversation! (No, don’t look at my tags, I said no! You looked, didn’t you? Happy now?)

    posted 4 days ago on Sep 13, 2014 (Sat) at 4:23pm

    Unofficial Rec Bulletin #78 

    You can submit fics to be include in these here. Other recs/promos/etc can be dropped in our ask box. More info about the bulletin and submitted recs here. Link to previous bulletins.


    Fic Recs:

    Other Recs/Promos:

    Fic Recs:

    Mind of a Madman [M, 37,900 word count]

    (au, su, mental hospital, amnesia, case fic, transported to au)
    recced by anon

    When Dean wakes up in Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital with no memory of who he is or how he got there, he thinks he’s died and gone to hell. The doctors assure him that the memories he has of hunting monsters are delusions, and he might believe them if not for the strange man who appears in his room one night wearing a ratty trench coat and claiming to be an angel. But when he can’t even trust his own mind, can Dean trust someone whom no one else can see?
    To make matters worse, people in the hospital are starting to disappear under mysterious circumstances. And if Dean doesn’t do something soon, everyone he cares about could be in danger.

    Rockfall [M, 37,500 word count] 

    (au, su, season 4, solo hunter!dean, hunters, love hate, sex then love [+ drunken hookup ask], case fic, roadtrip, reserved!cas, hunter!cas, danger sacrifice, virgin!cas)
    recced by flyingcatstiel

    Dean Winchester’s dealt with enough lately—averting a would-be Apocalypse, losing his brother to law school all over again, the dying job market for hunters. But getting paired with a grumpy, know-it-all asshole named Castiel Novak for his next hunt? Day one— Dean’s already sure one of them’s not gonna get out of this alive.

    The Ski Instructor [light NC-17, 24,100 word count]

    (au, fluff, bottom!dean, feelings recovery, vacation, athlete!dean, athlete!cas
    recced by kyrie101

    Dean has always considered himself an excellent snowboarder, which is why when he crashes to avoid hitting a little girl, his pride is feeling severely bruised. But hey, he won’t complain about her hot instructor though. So when his friends dare him to join the ski class (despite it being for children), he can’t resist spending more time with Castiel.

    Wet and Wild [NC 17, 10,000 word count] 

    (porn, su, season 8, spells, tentacles, virgin!cas, bottom!cas, pining!cas
    recced by flyingcatstiel

    At first, it seems as if the hex bag hasn’t worked. Dean doesn’t feel any ill effects. He doesn’t spontaneously combust or break out in boils, so they chalk it up to the witch being off her game. They’re wrong however. It takes a little time to work, but the spell is stranger than anything the Winchesters have previously encounter. Suddenly, Dean is sporting tentacles, and things only get weirder from there.

    Other Recs/Promos:

    DeanCas Big Bang: Pinch-Hitter Artist Signups

    Are you one of those awesome people that do nice things constantly? Want to still contribute to deancasbigbang? Excellent! Why not take on the task of a pinch hitter? Pinch hitters are the awesome people that step in at the last minute and create art in place of someone who had to drop out.

    Salt & Burn Magazine Issue 3

    Salt & Burn is a fan-made, collaborative magazine published with the goal of bringing together the best of fandom’s creations; art, writing, analysis, and more, in a professional setting. More info here (link to FAQ tag).

    SPN Art Challenge: World Mythologies

    August’s theme is: World Mythologies

    It’s time to go hunt some different things! After all, the U.S. is not the only country with lots of lore!
    They can either still be in the U.S. or travel to another country, the choice is yours! As long as it’s not north american (as in the USA) mythology, it’s all fine! And you can obv include any character you want! :D

    Posting will start on September 13th and will end on September 19th.
    Don’t forget to tag your works with #spnartchallenge, within the first five tags of your post, so everyone can see them!

    SPN Reverse Big Bang

    It’s back! The reverse of the usual big bang, artists create one piece of art that will be posted anonymously to be claimed by an author. Authors are then expected to write a short fic (minimum of 3,000 words) based on the art they chose.
    Signups are now open! Artist signups close October 19th. Author signups are close October 31st. Claims start November 1st, with reveals on November 3rd. FAQ & Rules; signups for artists, authors, and betas.

    posted 4 days ago on Sep 13, 2014 (Sat) at 3:53pm

    Light in the Dark 

    Light in the Dark by nurfherder
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 110,100
    Summary: Their mother’s murder unsolved, and their father ever distant in his quest to solve it, the brothers are left to pick up the tattered remains of their family when nothing is left but each other, a strange business man, and Winchester Orchard.

    Dean returns to his Vermont home following the death of his father and attempts to revitalize the family apple orchard. With mounting debts he is finally faced with having to sell the property, until Castiel Allen proposes an unusual business partnership. Together they rebuild the orchard and open a small restaurant in the rural community, while developing a friendship that slowly blossoms into something more. Sam is present throughout most of the fic, but his role is somewhat limited.

    The story reflects on both Dean and Cas’ past, yet it is ultimately Castiel’s history that drives the latter part of the story. Together, he and Dean deal with overcoming the emotional scars of an abusive upbringing. There is some serious Cas whump about 2/3 of the way through, yet at its heart, this is a romantic tale that takes Dean and Cas from their first interactions as reluctant business partners, to friends and then lovers.

    posted 5 days ago on Sep 12, 2014 (Fri) at 1:04pm

    Group Ask #108 

    Relevant links:

    Ask #1 (anon): amish!cas/religious commune

    Hi, I recently read Appoggiatura by Ceeinthereforthat. I loved Cas’ back story (the whole fic was so beautiful and amazingly done) and was wondering if there are any other fics with Amish!Cas or something simmilar?

    Related: Cas coming from an atypical religious background isn’t out of the norm for college aus. So you might want to seek out that genre. 

    Ask #2 (anon): deleted fic

    Hello I found a fic on your site called “the boy done wrong again” but it looks like it’s no longer on ao3. Do you happen to have a copy saved?

    Link to our review: The Boy Done Wrong Again. Found and link added to the review! Thanks celtic-poetry for helping us out!

    Ask #3 (anon): equestrian boarding school

    I’m looking for an Equestrian boarding school destiel Fanfiction…

    If any of our followers have anything to rec, drop it in our ask box (mention which ask you are talking about by number or bolded title). Thanks!!

    posted 5 days ago on Sep 12, 2014 (Fri) at 12:54pm
    → with 975 notes

    We’re ending our anniversary week(ish) with a list of personal favorites by mod! The first two mods did this last year and have listed favorites from this past year. The third mod joined the team this past January. So their list is a mix of current and all time favorites.
A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead 
The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass 
All Your Instruments
Castiel Rising 
Down the End of the Road 
How Still My Heart 
My Eyes Are An Ocean 
The syntax of things/syntax verse 
Autumn Hollow
cut it out, and then restart
Fearson’s Floating Cigarette (submitted rec)    
For Science!
Kingdom Come
Not Part of the Plan (submitted rec)
Oh What A Beautiful City
On the Bright Side, There Isn’t a Bright Side
Pies and Prejudice 
What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie? (submitted rec)
A Hole in the World
All Saints Saga
Before the Fall/Before the Fall Verse
Convenient Husbands
The Day the World Went Away
Hard Road
In the Weeds
Past Present
Pick It All Up
Somewhere Back of the Sun verse
This Thing Called Free Will
Thursday’s Child
The Waste Land
The Way the War Was Won
Banner courtesy of Fea and Katie

    We’re ending our anniversary week(ish) with a list of personal favorites by mod! The first two mods did this last year and have listed favorites from this past year. The third mod joined the team this past January. So their list is a mix of current and all time favorites.




    Banner courtesy of Fea and Katie

    posted 1 week ago on Sep 8, 2014 (Mon) at 7:10pm
    "Bless you, what you do is a real public service. <3"


    Yeah, we figured you guys would like our revamped smutty favorites ask. :P 

    posted 1 week ago on Sep 8, 2014 (Mon) at 7:05pm

    Follower Spotlight Master Post 

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    For those interested: our anniversary celebration was the beginnings of these spotlights. Link to the follower spotlights tag. Urls/usernames are listed alphabetically by the url they had at the time of the spotlight

    1. ananonymousrule
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