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    Author Spotlight: orange_crushed 

    Continuing our spotlight feature, here is an author spotlight by orange_crushed! (Master list of previous author spotlights here.) Some of her fics we’ve highlighted:

    You can find her fic master list here on AO3. Other places to find the author: [livejournal] [tumblr] [twitter].

    Behind the cut:

    Without further ado (and in her own words)…

    Read More

    posted 1 day ago on Jul 26, 2014 (Sat) at 6:47pm

    Unofficial Rec Bulletin #71 

    You can submit fics to be include in these here. Other recs/promos/etc can be dropped in our ask box. More info about the bulletin and submitted recs here. Link to previous bulletins.


    Fic Recs:

    Other Recs/Promos:

    Fic Recs:

    After the Storm [M, 24,600 word count]

    (angst, au, fluff, hurt comfort, writer!cas)
    recced by  

    This is our song.

    Misha’s Not in Vancouver Anymore [NC-17, 74,000 word count]

    (fluff, porn, au, the french mistake au, !cockles, season 9, spells, transported to au, bottom!dean, epic porn)
    recced by kyrie101

    An accident on set results in Misha ending up in the SPN!Verse and stuck with a confused and irritated Dean Winchester. Dean, Sam, and Castiel have to work together to find a way to send him back. Misha’s cheekiness brings to light the things that Dean only ever thinks about in the space between waking and dreaming.

    More or Less [NC-17, 85,700 word count (WIP)]

    (angst, au, teacher!cas, high school, moderate age difference, mechanic!dean, speech disorder, secret affair, pining!cas, protective!cas, fuckup!cas, naive!cas, pining!dean)
    recced by 

    When Castiel Novak returns to his hometown to teach at Garrison High School in the wake of his mother’s death, he discovers that there is one thing nearly the entire religious population seems to agree upon: everyone hates the Winchesters. They hate Sam’s temper and John’s alcoholism and Dean’s interminable silence. Castiel is just getting a handle on the whole free will thing, but he’s beginning to suspect that he might feel a little bit differently, and the more he learns about the Winchesters, the more he understands that the entire town couldn’t hate Dean’s silence half as much as Dean himself hates his own words. 

    Paint It Black [M, 38,600 word count]

    (angst, crack, fluff, su, human!impala, meddling!gabriel)
    recced by  

    Dean finds his car missing, and a leather-jacket-donning human sleeping in her parking space. A sharp-jawed, scruffy, low-voiced DUDE. And Baby’s meant to be a CHICK, right? Baby struggles to learn how to be human, and not embarrass his boys in public with phrases like ‘inside’ me. He might also tie up a few loose ends that John never got to, like Dean’s hots for a certain angel. Really, Gabriel? This is your idea of a prank? Because it’s working.

    Other Recs/Promos:

    Destiel Book Club

    Are you a fan of Supernatural? Do you love reading? Do you crave to read of hunters and angels in love, and cry over the mountains of fanfiction surrounding it? Well, do I have splendid news for you, friend! Introducing the new Destiel Book Club (and other things!)
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    View nominated characters and fandoms here. SPN characters include: Pamela Barnes, Adam Milligan, Amelia Novak, Ash (Supernatural), Becky Rosen, Cassie Robinson, Charlie Bradbury, Claire Novak, Ellen Harvelle, Jessica Moore, Kevin Tran, Lisa Braeden, Meg Masters, Rufus Turner, Tamara (Supernatural).

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    Round 2 is currently open and closes January 5th. Links to: FAQprompt minimums and how to score points, and rules.

    posted 1 day ago on Jul 26, 2014 (Sat) at 6:39pm
    "I read the fic called Convictions that you guys had, and I really enjoyed it. In that fic, Dean was a criminal that broke into Cas’ house. And I’ve been wanting to find fics where it’s not necessarily the same scenario, but a fic where Dean’s (or Cas’s) actions directly (and negatively) affect the other and that’s how they meet, ya know?"

    asker: Anonymous

    We’ve gone through and listed some fics where one negatively affects the other during their first meeting.

    Dean forcing powerful!cas to help him:

    Job/work affected:

    Enemy!lover kind of stuff:

    Tags and asks to check out: love/hate, enemy!lovers, the haughty!cas fics listed on this ask, this ask about being past one night stands and unable to avoid each other, abusive (didn’t include in this ask, but there are some that start with [for instance] one kidnapping the other or stockholm syndrome stuff).

    And here are two others:

    Wide Open Spaces [NC-17. 23,200 word count]

    Dean is supposed to drive Sam across country to his new job but, driving late at night, Dean runs them off the road onto farmland and straight into the side of a barn. Dean is arrested for dangerous driving and sentenced to community service, fixing what he broke at the farm.
    At first, Dean just wants to finish and get the hell out of town, but to his surprise he finds himself drawn to Castiel Novak, the farm’s owner.
    Castiel is unlike anyone else Dean has ever met. Dean begins to fall for him and for the quiet country life Castiel leads.

    Make Damn Sure [NC-17, 45,900 word count (WIP)]

    Dean Winchester is not thrilled about taking an office job at one the most powerful media corporations in the country. His work has always been hands on, but when Charlie tells him about the job opening and its comfortable salary, the temptation is just too great to turn down. And really, it wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the blue-eyed man that also works there.
    Castiel Novak and Dean Winchester have crossed paths far too often over the last 12 years, with an unsavory outcome nearly every time. This time though, walking away is just not an option as they’re forced to collaborate on a project and learn to navigate each other like civilized human beings. For Dean and Cas though, nothing ever goes quite according to plan.

    posted 1 day ago on Jul 26, 2014 (Sat) at 6:03pm
    → with 13 notes

    "hi! I was just wondering if you have a tag or any fics under a type of soulmate!au? i was going through your tags and cant seem to find it if there is one :s it's my favourite kind of au so you guys would be a great help, i cant seem to find any fics on that kind anywhere anymore which makes me really sad but i figured you guys would know some really good ones?? yeah super swell if you could help, thanks guys!"

    asker: Anonymous

    They are on the bonded tag. You could also use the search engine (always good to check since a tag name may be slightly different from what you are expecting or when the trope you are looking for is included in a broader category [bonded = accidental bonding, psychic bonds, soul mates, etc]; it’s why we mention using the search engine at the top of our ask box page). There’s also tags for this on ao3. 

    Another Anonymous Ask:

    Do you have any dark god!cas fics?

    They would be on the godstiel tag.

    Direct link to tags page.

    posted 1 day ago on Jul 26, 2014 (Sat) at 5:43pm

    Castiel Rising 

    Castiel Rising by phate-phoenix
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 70,000
    Summary: (AU) Hell is adaptation: change to suit the environment, or experience unending torment. Castiel knows this, expected it when he plunged into Hell to be with Lucifer, and allowed it. But change isn’t just one of Hell’s tortures, something he will discover when Lucifer orders him to protect Dean and Sam Winchester from Heaven’s forces.

    This canon rewrite is fantastically fun, well put together, and well characterized. Castiel first starts doubting Heaven and their orders before humanity even comes along (working from The Man Who Would Be King canon and what we know of Cas’ observations of life). This initial, small disagreement leads to him becoming very close to Lucifer. Castiel chooses to fall, refusing to let his brother suffer for all eternity by himself even though he doesn’t agree with Lucifer’s position. Castiel mostly keeps to himself in Hell but hubbub over a certain Righteous Man and his connection to Lucifer’s possible release has him coming down to visit Dean (some wonderful bonding moments even in Hell!). By this time, Castiel has been in Hell since the dawn of man and he’s not really an angel anymore (should I mention part of his adaptation to Hell is becoming a fucking DRAGON? because it is and it’s glorious). He certainly doesn’t have any affinity for humanity (no disdain - just neutral). After an order from Lucifer to protect the Winchesters, what follows are tweaked season five canon events - often told from a perspective we don’t get in the show and I believe every mytharc episode is represented.

    I’ve always been a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Lucifer after reading Paradise Lost in high school. And let me tell you, if you are similar to me (maybe you were also a fan of The Silmarillion or maybe your favorite part of taking Latin was translating Ovid or maybe you still fangirl over Edith Hamilton), then you MUST read the opening of this fic which chronicles humanity’s creation, the “creation” of demons, and Lucifer’s fall. And then there’s Hell and it’s sentient landscape! Can I just get this author to write up various mythological backstories to SPN’s canon??? It’s wonderfully imaginative and enjoyable regardless of your ship.

    It’s been a while since I’ve devoured a fic so quickly. It delivers in so many ways I just wasn’t expecting and the author’s love for the canon is quite apparent - free will and familial love are both very important. I really love Cas’ alien perspective and Dean getting annoyed over his terse, ambiguous manner of speaking will never not be funny. Seeing Cas fall for Dean and humanity in a new way was also wonderful. And good god, I apologize if I’ve super oversold this fic and you end up hating it. There’s some odd idiosyncrasies and a few hokey moments, but reading this plotty, fast paced fic was a JOY. Note that megstiel is a secondary pairing but it’s not romantic and very reminiscent of their season 6 canon relationship. 

    A DCBB 2011 fic

    posted 5 days ago on Jul 22, 2014 (Tue) at 6:57pm

    Group Ask #103 

    Relevant links:

    Ask #1 (): there’s this fic… #1

    Hello, I am kind of desperate trying to find a fic I read while ago and can’t seem to find (I could’t find it in the tag). It is one where Dean is turned into a woman temporarily by I think a daughter of Gabriel, and where also Castiel has to stay in physical proximity to Dean temporarily because he is developing a soul or something like that. Thank you

    Found by Defy Any and All Expectations (unofficially recced here; added the sex swap tag!).

    Ask #2 (anon 20): there’s this fic… #2

    Can you help me find a fic? i think you recc’d it a while ago. It was human!au and like they were roomies and dean had a baby and Cas had some kind of mental illness that they had to hide bc it was future dystopia a lil? Maybe? And Crowley was married to Anna. And they may have run away to canada? I’m sorry I checked all the tags I could think of but I got nothing :( 

    Found by Made of Earth (unofficially recced here [includes a download link]). We haven’t read the fic, so the only tags were ones we gleamed from the summary (best friends). We’ve added the kid!fic and roommates tags! :)

    Ask #3 (): bisexual!dean + parent!bobby

    Any fics where Bobby ends up raising the boys for whatever reason and dean like embraces his bisexuality? Thank you!

    Ask #4 (): canon!dean in mental hopsital

    Hey I’ve been searching everywhere for a fic which is like season 5 episode 11 when Sam and Dean search for a Wrathe in a mental hospital and was wondering if you knew of any Destiel fanfics where in Dean doesn’t get better and Cas visits him? Or any Destiel tics where Cas visits hunter!Dean after he goes mental:) x

    Ask #5 (): there’s this fic… #3

    Hello! I was on here a couple of weeks ago and ended up finding a fic where Castiel was Deans resident for his new job in a hospital. I can remember the name of the fic but I want to read it again and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on your blog! I couldn’t find the fic anywhere in the medical professional tag. It was either one the was reviewed or just posted. About 2 weeks ago now. Cas was a cardiologist. Dean lived with Jo for awhile too if any of that information helps at all

    Here’s our medical professional tag so you guys know which fics it isn’t. 

    Found by  and :

    Lead By Your Beating Heart [M, 97,700 word count (WIP)] medical professional

    After a night of celebrating (heavy drinking) with his brother surgical intern Dean Winchester discovers that his resident, talented Cardio surgeon Castiel Novak, is…well a huge douche bag…kind of hot but still a huge douche bag. A douche bag that he’s stuck with for the rest of the year, that’s if he survives the year without Castiel killing him and making it look like an accident. So why is it that an easy friendship forms between the two men that swiftly becomes something Dean never expected to find when he moved to Chicago.

    Ask #6 (): tortured!dean

    Are they any fics with Cas torturing Dean or Cas watching as Dean gets tortured?

    If any of our followers have anything to rec, drop it in our ask box (mention which ask you are talking about by number or bolded title). Thanks!!

    posted 5 days ago on Jul 22, 2014 (Tue) at 6:43pm
    "an idea for a rec list: I've read some great older fics on Livejournal linked by this blog that I wouldn't have found otherwise. (thank you!) A 'non AO3' tag to browse through your recs with - or an actual rec list of older fic that aren't on there - would be something I'd love. I feel like I've missed some classics? xox"

    asker: Anonymous


    We would honestly love to do something like this (and think creating a tag would be best), but we already have too many tags and don’t want to go down the slippery slope of tagging for media classification (pdf, hosting site, etc) since we’d rather use the allotted 20 tags for plot classification. Additionally, there’s a lot of old fic that is now on ao3 but you might not notice it because the majority of the feedback is on livejournal (a “non ao3” tag wouldn’t help in these cases). The ao3 tags on these fics unfortunately tend to be pretty sparse, too. We usually link to lj on reviews. If they are also posted at ao3, we’ll have a “AO3 link” right below the title and author information. You can use our search engine to find these specific reviews: enter “#fic8rec” “ao38link” (replace 8s with a space; there’s currently 162 results) and sort by date (older reviews tend to be of older fics but not always).

    If you want to read old fic, definitely go through the archives of the main lj comm. That’s where the majority of the activity was pre-2012. As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer looking at the archive in subject mode so you can easily see titles and who is posting. Seriously, that comm is packed full of great stuff. For instance, in answering this ask, I found a comm generated rec list for must-reads as an intro into destiel (posted on the comm here). The best part? The list was complied in early 2009 and contains fanmixes, fanvids, fanart, picspams, and meta. That post is basically a fandom time capsule. :D


    We definitely focus on longfic here. Since the original point of the reviews/this blog was to give you more info about a fic before you commit, we didn’t worry with shorter fics that aren’t much of a commitment. That means there’s a lot of oneshots not represented here. To give you guys a jumping off point, I’ve gone through the deancastiel archive, the beginnings of the pairing tag on ao3, and the beginnings of the search results on up to mid-May 2010 (the season 5 finale) and listed familiar authors. I’ve also added a link to their author specific tag at the deancastiel comm if it exists. I’ve also linked to ao3 and other accounts. We will likely make an “older one shots” rec list in the future. It’ll just take time and calling upon the lj side of the fandom (especially since the most lj savvy mod seems to be allergic to anything under 20k that’s not a pwp).

    Sorry, this got wordy. This somehow spiraled out of control and into a “intro to early destiel, lj based fandom” that took three days instead of a brief rec list that took one afternoon, lol.

    First Wave Destiel Authors:

    We’ll do a second wave later (post season 5 to end of season 7), but probably won’t do a third because things had almost entirely shifted to ao3 by that time (mid-May 2012). We’ve gone through and linked to various platforms because all of an author’s fic is often not contained to one location. If they did an author spotlight for us, an “ask the author” for spnroundtable, or an interview for rec-hymenated, direct links are included.

    Read More

    Unofficial Rec Bulletin #70 

    You can submit fics to be include in these here. Other recs/promos/etc can be dropped in our ask box. More info about the bulletin and submitted recs here. Link to previous bulletins.


    Fic Recs:

    Other Recs/Promos:

    Fic Recs:

    breathing through the radio [NC-17, 10,800 word count]

    (angst, su, crossover, pining!cas, fallen!cas, season 9, depression, angstiest, suicidal, bottom!cas, !dcbb)
    recced by flyingcatstiel

    Falling means loneliness, isolation and having a terrible and crippling emptiness inside. And when you feel like this, so hopeless and desperate, even a disemboweled and mildy creepy voice that narrates the life of an ever creepier desert town can be a comfort; aka, after he falls, Castiel starts hearing the Night Vale community radio program playing in his head, helping him, keeping him company and making him realize the depth of his feelings for Dean; and lets be real, this is not even the weirdest thing that ever happened to him.

    Fake It Till You Make It [T, 24,400 word count]

    (fluff, au, teacher!cas, pining!Cas, law enforcement au, slow building romance, best friends, pretend boyfriends, !samjess, !johnmary, rom com, feelings recovery)
    recced by kyrie101

    He has to actually fly out for Sam’s wedding, Cas is coming as his date and everyone thinks it’s real. Dean Winchester is not having a great day.

    Spirals [M, 61,100 word count]

    (angst, au, abo, protective!dean, jealous!cas, hurt comfort, domestic, slow building romance, danger sacrifice, coworkers, law enforcement au, jimmy)
    recced by kyrie101

    What would you do if you were assigned on a job to rescue your youngest brother? Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak start a mission as Host and Handler both thinking they’re lost cases in different ways. They prove each other wrong.

    The Writing on the Wall [NC-17, 552,000 word count (WIP)]

    (angst, fluff, porn, su, season 7, long distance, bobby [+ cas&bobby ask], slow building romance, asexual!cas, alcoholism, gay panic, fuckup!dean, bottom!cas, rimming, rough sex, bottom!dean)
    recced by 

    (summary of first installment) The writing was on the wall—and now Dean just had to try and understand it. A Post-Season Six alternate universe, going a different route from what happened in Season Seven and exploring a long and difficult relationship between Dean and Castiel. Canon-compliant up through the finale of Season Six, with some Season Seven thrown in.

    Other Recs/Promos:

    Fanart Remix Exchange

    Like making art? Like making fanart?? Like making fanart OF fanart??? Then Fanart Remix Exchange is the place for you! Schedule and FAQ here.

    SPN Art Challenge: Dragons AU

    July’s theme is: Dragons AU

    Just about anything involving dragons!! Any kind of AU. Or even the the ones in canon! JUST DRAGONS!!!!!!

    Posting will start on July 14th and will end on July 21st
    Don’t forget to tag your works with #spnartchallenge, within the first five tags of your post, so everyone can see them!

    SPN Pairing Bingo

    At Supernatural Pairing Bingo, the goal is to explore all the great pairings in the Supernatural fandom. You can request a card to fit your preferences for Het, Slash, or Femslash, then fill prompt squares with fanart, fanfiction, fanvids, mixes, podfics, or icons.
    Round 2 is currently open and closes January 5th. Links to: FAQprompt minimums and how to score points, and rules.

    posted 1 week ago on Jul 19, 2014 (Sat) at 5:32pm
    "Hi, do you have anything with more positive friendship/background/past Megstiel where Cas and Meg are still friends? I know chasingrabbits has some like this, but i have a difficult time finding others."

    asker: Anonymous

    Here’s a few that come to mind:

    And here’s another friendship fic:

    Angels Among Us [NC-17, 206,000 word count] super au

    Cas and Gabriel are two angels living among the human race. Michael has decided to make use of the angels drawn to human life, ordering them to play host to the few nephilim unable to make permanent homes for themselves. These hunters are forced to live nomadic lives as they protect humanity from evil. Two of these nephilim roam into the angels’ town and they’re forced to provide them with a place to stay… only days away from Heaven’s nesting ceremony. The Winchesters are unlike any nephilim ever created, blessed by the two most powerful angels and able to unbind the seal on their wings by sheer willpower alone. Michael fears that willpower will also unbind the seal over their angelic abilities. To keep that from happening, he tries to force them into nesting with a more powerful angel beneath his command. The only problem is… the Winchesters have found interest in their hosts, who are most definitely not under Michael’s thumb.

    However, we’re a destiel blog and thus not a great resource for megstiel or Cas&Meg fics. Definitely check out the tags on ao3 (Cas/Meg as well as Cas & Meg).

    posted 1 week ago on Jul 19, 2014 (Sat) at 5:22pm
    → with 7 notes

    "i hope you don't mind digging up old posts, i just found this one post/47119245730/i-recently-read-metaphysical-gravity-and-i-was and noticed you don't have the bell backward listed there which i think fits perfectly."

    asker: Anonymous

    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DIG UP ALL THE OLD POSTS. Seriously, this is what we do ourselves!! We edit old asks all the time. :)

    For those who are interested, it’s a reincarnation ask and the fic mentioned is at the bottom!

    Another Anonymous Ask:

    Hi! Love your blog! You wouldn’t happen to have any guardian angel! Cas fics, by chance?

    We have a relevant ask somewhere on the weechesters, pre season 4, or protective!cas tags. Using the search engine is a way easier way to find it, though. :P


    Hello, I was wondering if you knew of any fics where Cas has multiple personality disorder where his other personality is Jimmy? Or maybe even more personality’s?.. It’s just a thought I had that would maybe be interesting for a fic

    There’s some on our mental hospital tag. There’s likely more on ao3 (try searching multiple personalities + jimmy and variations on that).

    Direct link to tags page. 

    posted 1 week ago on Jul 19, 2014 (Sat) at 5:12pm