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    Follower Spotlight: thursdaysfallenangel 

    As part of destielfanfic’s anniversary celebration, here is a follower spotlight by thursdaysfallenangel!


    When I was in high school, I watched TV shows with my friend Jon, taking turns choosing which show. One of the first ones he made me watch is Supernatural.

    Yes, made me. Supernatural is not a show I ever would have watched on my own. I avoid horror movies at all costs, and no amount of hot guys is going to change that for me. But Jon convinced me TV couldn’t be as bad, and by the end of season 1, I was in love. We watched all of the first three seasons within two weeks.

    And then I met Castiel.

    I had been warned about Cas. I’d seen Destiel on tumblr, and I knew it was something that existed at least in gif form. I was not prepared for the powerful emotions Dean and Cas’ relationship would make me feel. Coming straight out of a messy relationship with The Vampire Diaries and Damon and Elena, I expected to ship Dean and Cas, if I shipped them at all, like I had shipped Delena. That definitely wasn’t the case. The only important thing to me for Delena was that they got together, and there was never any question that they eventually would. Dean and Castiel are so much more than that.

    Dean and Castiel acting out the same scene together is enough to get me excited. Not necessarily because we’ll see one of the planned Destiel Moments we all look out for, but because every movement, every look on their faces while in one another’s company are moments without even trying. Their reactions towards one another are so fluid and natural you’d think they’d been working together their whole life. They are always, ALWAYS pulling back and forth on one another’s emotions, like it’s impossible for them both to be happy at the same time, and I think that’s the big payoff for Destiel, and what makes it so beautiful. I want to see them both happy in each other’s company, simply because they exist together, and because they are able to be together, in any capacity. The few brief glimpses we get to see of that, usually when Dean and Cas are stubbornly ignoring how desperate the world is to end, are some of the most beautiful examples of a caring relationship I have ever seen.

    I’ve always been a sucker for the slow burn. I will take ten years of buildup if I get the relief of payoff in the end. With Dean and Cas’ relationship, it’s more like there are a lot of lit fuses all traveling to one big pile of dynamite in the middle – sometimes a rogue fuse goes off, and we get a little pop, but in the end, there can be nothing less than a huge explosion. I have a lot of faith in that explosion, because if such a thing doesn’t happen, there’s no excuse for it. None at all.

    All we can do is hope, and as Cas liked to remind Dean before he lost it himself, have faith. But, we’ll always have fanfiction, and I sincerely hope people continue to create new ways for Dean and Cas to fall in love, for years to come after the show ends and regardless of the outcome. Which brings me to my fic highlights.

    Destiel Fanfic Highlights:

    Family Business [T, 35,100 word count]

    Mafia prince Dean meets a weird guy named Castiel while working off his multiple parking tickets’ community service at the Taft Ave Soup Kitchen. (And there’s torture and PTSD and mystery and stuff.)

    Family Business by
    : I’m not sure why, but I love mafia family fics. Usually you see a bunch of angels as the mafia, so I thought this one was really unique (and scarily accurate) for having the mafia family be the Winchesters instead. Dean is so perfectly horrible at emotions in this, I have no trouble at all imagining him trying his hardest to fix and master Castiel’s oven just so he can spend more time with him without actually admitting what he’s doing. Cas is an amazing mixture of accepting and totally unperturbed by Dean’s behavior, and although I usually go to fic to spell things out for me, it’s the ambiguity in this one that really makes it.

    Exonerated [M, 101,000 word count]

    Years ago, Dean Winchester was the detective who put serial killer Castiel Goodwin behind bars. Last spring, Cas was proven innocent and his conviction overturned. Neither could’ve predicted the way their lives would intertwine…

    by thecouchcarrot: I tried, I really, really did, but there was simply no way I could make a highlights list without having thecouchcarrot somewhere on it. She is at the very, very top of my list for favorite authors in this community. Her characterization of Dean and Cas is spot on, even though as a primarily AU writer their situations can turn out to be drastically different from canon. This is a murder mystery that had me on the edge of my seat until the very end, and I really and truly never knew who done it. She writes so well I was doubting Cas’ innocence right along with Dean, and we all know there’s no way Cas could be a murderer. Right?

    Our Bodies, Possessed by Light [NC-17, 42,000 word count]

    Purged of all his souls, Castiel is a changed being, stronger than an angel and too powerful for Jimmy’s body to contain. Happily, there’s an archangel’s vessel on hand, and he could use fixing, too. Dean isn’t too happy about the idea of his brother acting as a vessel for Castiel, and Sam can guess why, but it isn’t until Castiel gets inside his head and they learn to share the vessel — and their thoughts — that Sam realises Cas is as in love with Dean as Dean is with him. It’s unfortunate that there’s nothing much to be done about it now, but Castiel will get another vessel soon. The Winchesters will make damn sure of that. In the meantime, it’s up to the three of them to establish their own strange accord, and Dean realises more fully than ever that it’s Castiel, and not his vessel, that he loves.

    Our Bodies, Possessed by Light by obstinatrix: At first I was wary of this fic because Castiel uses Sam as a vessel. I am the first person to run from anything remotely Dean/Sam, so it took me a long time to get around to this. Thank god that I did. The way Dean and Cas’ relationship is able to grow while including Sam is simply amazing, and there’s so much frustration at the two not being able to act on their feelings because of Cas’ vessel situation that you can practically taste the tension as you read. It’s very well done, and I thought the ending was incredibly sweet and one of those karma fulfillments you wish would happen on the show but never actually do.

    Messenger Number 3 [M, 23,000 word count]

    Opening night is closing in at the Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, and the play is cursed. As if that weren’t enough for Dean, the head of the tech crew, to have on his mind. A tale of love, family, and iambic pentameter.

    Messenger Number 3
    by : I never see this rec’d and I have no idea why. Destiel and a Shakespeare production? I have a really big thing for fics that are able to bring canon problems into AU, and this one demonstrates perfectly Castiel’s fear of being a leader and Dean’s refusal to allow himself to achieve his full potential. I’d never considered Dean as a good candidate for directing, but he slips perfectly into the role, and both his and Cas’ faith in one another as they both strive to do their best in order to save the play is really, incredibly sweet. I could stay in this universe forever, and I wish there was more.

    posted 7 hours ago on Sep 1, 2014 (Mon) at 6:57pm

    Follower Spotlight: itsneumann 

    As part of destielfanfic’s anniversary celebration, here is a follower spotlight by itsneumann!


    I remember hearing about Supernatural back in 2005/06 but the fact that it was on the WB put me off. I remember thinking it was about 2 brothers, one of which was half demon, the other half angel; which is creepily close to accurate in retrospect since that had nothing to do with anything in season 1. While I caught a glimpse of an episode once while babysitting back then (now I know it was ‘Home’), I chose to watch The Price is Right instead. I’m kind of glad for it because when I finally did decide to watch it, I got to speed through nearly 7 full seasons and soak in the manpain more.

    I actually started watching not because the meta or the longing looks or whatever else on tumblr got to me; I hadn’t been on here long enough to see much of any of it. I didn’t even know about Cas! No, I saw that “run, bitch, run!” gif from ‘Dead in the Water’ and just went, “yup. Now I have to watch it. These people are funny.”

    I was actually a hold out in terms of Destiel until Purgatory. I just put it all down to intense extenuating circumstances and a complicated past between the two. And honestly, I thought Dean took Cas for granted.

    And then Purgatory happened and I couldn’t deny it anymore.

    A big contributor to my conversion was actually the fact that I was following one of the mods of dff when it first started up and she kept reblogging her own recs, so I was having really promising looking stories shoved in my face at random times. Combined with Purgatory, I caved, and I never looked back.

    Destiel Fanfic Highlights:

    Seraphs and Phoenix Wings [NC-17, 134,000 word count]

    A story about dysfunctional angel families and father issues. Team Free Will + Gabriel are looking for a way to stop the devil, but Lucifer has his own dark agenda. The horsemen aren’t impressed but don’t have much choice, the demons are clueless, and Raphael is put out. And why is Lucifer so interested in Castiel?

    Seraphs and Phoenix Wings by daksgirl: These were the first Destiel fics I read and I was done for. Actually, the first one focuses on Gabriel and Cas’ relationship in Heaven from Creation to season 5 and it’s lovely and heartwarming. It gets a little cheesy and overly sentimental but it has a special place in my heart. It was a good starter Destiel fic, in a way, because it doesn’t hit you over the head with romance; there are other POVs and plot developments and family teasing to focus on in addition to the sweetness of Dean and Cas finding each other. If you like angel family dynamics/family of misfits type stories, these are for you.

    Point Pleasant [NC-17, 173,000 word count]

    Dean Winchester grew up in the idyllic town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. A terrifying encounter with the supernatural during his childhood shaped his worldview and served as the catalyst for his successful career as a bestselling horror writer. Dean left Point Pleasant at the age of twenty, driven from his hometown by rejection and heartbreak, but thirteen years after abandoning his home and family, Dean finds himself drawn back to the town by the promise of investigating the apparent reemergence of the supernatural creature responsible for Dean’s childhood nightmares.
    Once back in Point Pleasant, Dean is confronted not only by the town’s resident monster, the Mothman, but also by his childhood best friend, Castiel Novak. Together, with Bobby Singer—the old drunk who lives on the edge of town—Dean and Castiel uncover the mystery of Point Pleasant’s Mothman in all its terrifying reality. Point Pleasant is a horror story, but aims to show that the ghosts that haunt us are sometimes made of flesh and blood. And sometimes, they lead us home.

    Point Pleasant
    by chainedtoacomet: This story is no longer available online because it was published as its own story. That’s how good it is. I lost a lot of sleep trying to get through this masterpiece. I just kept telling myself “one more chapter, just one more.” Except all the chapters we extremely long and always left off on an urgent note! Suspense and tension spread out throughout the whole story, the town and all its inhabitants feel fresh and real, and the way that canon elements are fit into the Mothman myth is beyond amazing. If you can find someone with a copy, whether the original or the printed version, read it. Right now.

    F**k You! [NC-17, 24,500 word count]

    Castiel Novak, the general manager of a failing restaurant, and Dean Winchester, his stubborn head chef, hate each other’s guts. It’s up to celebrity Chef Balthazar Roche to keep them from running Garrison 16 into the ground and killing one another in the process.

    F**k You! by deans1911 (deleted account): This fic…this fic, man. It is positively lousy with sexual tension and fun character cameos. It’s a bit of a crossover with Kitchen Nightmares with Balthazar replacing Gordon Ramsey. It is fun, it is sweet, it is vulgar, and it seems to have disappeared which upsets me greatly. If you have an opportunity to read it in all its glory, you need to do so.

    Grey [NC-17, 60,500 word count]

    In a world where people don’t see in color until they find their true mate, the first thing Dean sees when he pulls himself out of his grave is the blue sky.
    When Castiel raised him from the Pit, he inadvertently claimed Dean as his mate.

    by valyria: Every single line is heartbreaking, soul shattering angst. It’s absolutely beautiful, the writing is superb, and it all came from a tumblr text post. There are a/b/o dynamics and mpreg in here, which is usually a bit of a turn off for me, but they just heighten the story and deepen the angst. If you want unrequited longing, extremely slow building romance, and a hopeful ending (with a bonus side of protective Sam!), give this puppy a try.

    What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie? [T, 16,000 word count]

    Dean watched an anime porn about this once, but real life turns out to be way less interesting.
    Or, the one where Dean gets turned into an octopus.

    What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie?
    by scaramouche: Ok, a story about Dean being turned into a little octopus has no right being this absolutely adorable. It’s by scaramouche so you know it’s gonna be good! I don’t really know how to describe it except FLUFF. SWEET, PRECIOUS FLUFF. It’s perfect for feelings recovery if you followed my previous advice and read Grey because it’s also very amusing and lighthearted. It’s not so much romantic in its fluffiness as trusting and affectionate (no tentacle sex, if you’re worried about that). Just…ugh! I can’t even handle the cute.

    posted 7 hours ago on Sep 1, 2014 (Mon) at 6:28pm

    Overwhelmed? A Guide to Destielfanfic! 


    So…um, our blog is kind of crazy. What with all the tags and various links and what the hell is this “other” page? This post was started to specifically help those who google “destiel” looking for fics for the first time and end up here (where we use short hand and have read enough fics to know common tropes, famous authors, popular destiel fics, and so on). However, this post will benefit all of our followers (new and old).

    0. Contents

    1. New to destiel/fanfiction?
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    3. Tags (Original vs Ask Created/Other, Submitted Rec Tags, Intrablog Resources)
    4. External Resources
    5. Blog features I’m still proud of :P
    6. FAQ
    7. Need more/new fanfic?

    I. New to destiel/fanfiction?

    ↳Don’t understand fandom terminology? Here are two websites to help you out!

    ↳Don’t understand terminology specific to this blog? Keep reading!

    ↳May we interest you in these tags: personal favorites, favorite shorts, and characterization.

    ↳We made two guides just for you: New to Destiel? Fic Recs and ResourcesNew to Fanfiction?

    II. Those buttons at the top of our blog

    Home (self explanatory)

    Ask Box

    • Please read the stuff around the ask box before submitting an ask (including the notes below the box and the types of anonymous asks we delete).
    • Tips on using the search engine are also on this page. We wanted people to see this before asking anything since a lot of specific asks can be answered by doing a search (ex: “I want something short and fluffy,” “I read a fic where Dean was a soccer player” [you can search for key terms], and so on).
    • Don’t be afraid of submitting an ask, though! We have a lot of tags and we’ve gotten a lot of asks about various subjects. We categorize the subjects as best we can so you can find them via the tags page, but we’re not perfect. However, the answer to your ask may just be us pointing you to the right tag!
    • We get a lot of asks. Sorry if it takes a few days to answer you!

    Tags (see section III)

    Master List

    • This is a master list of all our official reviews.
    • It is updated approximately every two weeks or after we’ve posted 10ish new reviews. The last added fic is noted near the top (along with the date it was added to the list).


    • Notice how the center of the six buttons line up with the center of the entries? That was purposeful and so we’re not adding any more buttons, lol. Anything else we want to link to is here.
    • External resources (see section IV)

    III. Tags (link)

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    • Original = “Original Categories,” “Length,” and “Age Rating” 
    • Original Categories: angst, au, crack, dark, end (end!verse, 2014!verse, “The End,” 5x04, etc), fluff, porn (multiple/well written sex scenes; different from pwps), su (supernatural universe)
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    • The difference: The original tags are ones that are always applied to individual reviews (and sometimes asks). The ask created are sometimes lists of fics (though they are sometimes applied to individual reviews). Other tags are there to help you out (specifically those under the “Intrablog Resources” [explained below]).
    • Why is the difference important? Two words: cross referencing. Using the search engine, you can search for posts labeled with multiple tags. Looking for a fic that’s NC-17 and fluffy? To the search engine! Looking for a slow building romance that’s NC-17? You’ll have to manually cross reference (go to the tag, click on individual reviews, and then see the rating). Looking for a particular type of slow building romance not covered by another tag? Submit an ask! :) A quick guide to cross-referencing ask created tags here.
    • Why don’t you just tag the individual reviews with the ask created tags? Tumblr only allows 20 tags before it stops tracking them on personal blogs. The individual review won’t show up under the url, unfortunately.

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    • Submitted recs are fics that were submitted by followers to our unofficial rec bulletin (explained below). We started posting them so that they would be on relevant tags. However, we created separate “Original Categories” tags (explained above) for them. These are published but backdated so that they show up as being published after the bulletin where they were recced.

    ↳Intrablog Resources

    • About: This is information about how this blog works (logistics, the kinds of anonymous asks that get deleted, etc) as well as information about the mods. It also includes our Mission Statement.
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    • Guide to Finding Fics (Tips and Tricks)
    • Check our our external resources (link) for livejournal communities, tumblr writers, thematic rec lists, and so on
    • Browse the AO3 tag for castiel/dean winchester (sorted by date updated so you only see the new stuff)
    • Looking for something specific? “Search within results” at AO3 or run a search at spnstoryfinders (I usually include “castiel” in my search since the site isn’t specific to destiel). Use the pinboards listed here! One of the thematic rec lists (also here) might have exactly what you’re looking for.
    • Have some authors you like? Follow/subscribe to them on AO3/lj/!

    If any of our followers can think of things I’ve left out, are curious about anything else, or need something clarified; drop us a line in our ask box!

    Thanks for reading!

    CharleneRasma, & Kyrie

    Kingdom Come 

    Kingdom Come by cheesewithmy [author spotlight]
    Rating: M/light NC-17
    Word count: 97,700 
    Summary: Dean’s life is all work. He’s either at the bar that’s been left to him, serving drinks and cooking with his friend and partner Benny, or tinkering with prosthetic limbs. The rest of his life is one unhappy mess after another. Finding a stranger in the bathroom of his bar, after hours, doesn’t necessarily improve anything.

    OMG, this fic, omfg, THIS FIC. Ok, ok, I’ll calm down. So, this is an amazing exploration of ptsd and suicidal Dean - a war veteran with a prosthetic arm, I-don’t-deserve-to-be-saved Dean. His headspace here is depressive and self deprecating, but it never gets too gloomy, because Dean doesn’t think it is so bad to have these thoughts. It just is what it is, what he deserves. And if that doesn’t break your heart, I don’t know what will. :(

    The story starts with Dean extending a helping hand to Cas, a homeless war vet, by giving him a place to stay and work. Very soon they fall into an uneasy routine of sharing a space and silence. The UST in this fic is electric - laden with stolen glances and unspoken protectiveness. The undeniable pull between them is visible to all their friends, except, well, Dean and Cas themselves. Or maybe they do realize what is happening, and neither is ready to make the first move? After all, Dean has accepted that everybody in his life, sooner or later, will leave him for good (or die) and he’s given up on hoping for good things, while Cas has his own reasons for keeping distance. 

    In one of my previous reviews, I mentioned that cheeswithmy has an amazing ability to infuse canon elements into an AU fic. This story is another great example of such writing. Characterization all around is just wonderful - Cas is a broken soldier, carrying around loads of heavy guilt; soft spoken Benny is Dean’s best friend, solid as a rock; and Charlie’s protectiveness of her friend rivals only that of Dean’s own. The story is told mostly from Dean’s pov but there’s a couple of chapters where we get Cas’, Sam’s and Charlie’s perspectives. Sam’s musings about Benny and Dean, about why their camaraderie makes him feel so uneasy is just one of the best introspective into Sam’s mind that I’ve come across so far. 

    This story goes from Dean shutting down after a lifetime of putting everybody’s needs before his own, to a story about coming back to life and learning to wish for better things. Ugh, don’t pay attention to me, just read the fic! There’s no way my ramblings could do it any justice. ;)

    Note: We’ve bumped up original M rating to light NC-17, mostly because of the last chapter (a sweet pwp coda). That being said, this fic is perfect for fans who love angsty, emotional stories but would like to avoid explicit stuff. All smut is at the very end and you can easily avoid it without missing anything plot related. 

    posted 1 day ago on Aug 31, 2014 (Sun) at 6:56pm

    Follower Spotlight: veganasana 

    As part of destielfanfic’s anniversary celebration, here is a follower spotlight by veganasana!


    So let’s see. I got into Supernatural maybe two years ago? Doctor Who was on hiatus and I was looking for something to fill my Sci-Fi gap in my life, and Netflix recommended SPN. I spent the entire pilot episode curled up, freaking out after getting up and smacking the lights on. I was hooked instantly. I loved the scary elements and the lore and the character development. The plot is always thick, the story arcs looping cleanly with the next (don’t talk to me about season 8).

    As for Destiel? I’d seen it floating around Tumblr here and there. I never really understood shipping until I read a small destiel ficlet and next thing I knew I was on fanfiction and AO3 all of the time and then all of a sudden at like midnight in December I was writing my own. Let me count the ways that I love Destiel:

    I don’t care at all what the actors say, Destiel on screen is real. the connection Dean and Cas have is all but tangible. It kills me. The way that they’re always fighting for one another, no matter what, hell or high water? I eat that up. That’s real love, through and through.

    Destiel Fanfic Highlights:

    Carry On [NC-17, 148,000 word count]

    When Sam gets into Stanford, Dean needs a bigger paycheck than Bobby’s garage can give him. Luckily, he knows a guy.

    Carry On
    by tamryneradani: I could go on and on about Carry On by tamryneradani. The character development between Dean and Cas and the growth of their relationship is just golden. As the reader, you watch them grow closer and you want to tear your hair out at their obliviousness towards each other. Out of the small handful of BDSM fics that I’ve read, this one takes the cake. She even goes out of her way to add a “chapter” explaining the basics of BDSM, which I found fantastic because there’s so much misinformation out there. She also did brilliantly handling the sensitive topic of what Dean went through. Cas is loving and understanding dom, patient and well-tuned to Dean’s needs.

    Into Your Hideaway [NC-17, 176,000 word count]

    Driving down a deserted road in the Rocky Mountains, Castiel finds something unexpected: An omega. Not only an omega, but a naked, injured, pregnant omega. Dean doesn’t talk much at first, but that doesn’t change the brightness of his soul. It also doesn’t stop Castiel from falling in love with him.

    Into Your Hideaway by thepinupchemist: My second favorite fic, without a doubt is Into Your Hideaway. I’m not entirely sure when I began to obsess over A/B/O fics, but if anyone is unsure about how they feel about mpreg or bottom!Dean, I certainly recommend this fic. Both Dean and Castiel are complex characters, with their own struggles in life. They’re both running away from trauma and manage to find healing and happiness with one another. It’s the perfect combo of angst and fluff and plot. If you haven’t read A/B/O before….this is the place to start.

    A Room Of One’s Own [NC-17, 94,000 word count]

    All Dean wants is a little privacy. Cas doesn’t understand.

    A Room Of One’s Own
    by northernsparrow: Finally….*deep breath*, this fic is right up there with Carry On and the amount of times I’ve reread it. A Room Of One’s Own, by NorthernSparrow. It starts out innocently enough…and then straight up porn. It is delicious, but not PWP. Both Dean and Castiel are having their own dilemma’s as well. Sam, per usual, is sweetly oblivious…if only for a moment! Throughout the fic, there’s a little question in the back of your mind as the reader, a little “why?” and then wham-bam angst! But a happy ending, which I think all of us love. I cannot get enough of the fluff, the feels, the sex in this fic. It is mindblowingly perfect.

    posted 1 day ago on Aug 31, 2014 (Sun) at 6:31pm

    Follower Spotlight: crossroadswrite 

    As part of destielfanfic’s anniversary celebration, here is a follower spotlight by crossroadswrite!


    I think I really got into Supernatural somewhere in the beginning of last year. I was aware of it since its third season aired mainly because I remember my mom telling me she preferred that I watched some dumb soap opera for kids I was embarrassingly into back then than that and pointed to Supernatural that was playing on the television, and the only reason I remember it it’s because Jensen and Jared’s faces are hard to forget.

    I got into it because there was a marathon on tv and I watched most of seasons one through three and decided I wanted to get all up in that action. I ended up watching season 7 while season 8 was airing so I was aware of the plotline season 8 picked up before I went back and watched everything in order in about a week. And after getting kick dumped in the deep end of the pool that is the Supernatural fandom, here I am.

    Why destiel, you ask?

    Well, firstly, I think otps are formed by the on screen chemistry and then the energy of the fandom online and this fandom has a wonderful energy. The sheer amount of fanfiction and artworks out there is insane and many of them are bookstore and gallery worthy. I was and continue to be completely mindblown by everyone’s talent.

    I think there were two big moments for destiel in those first seasons. The first, when Castiel tilts his head and asks “You think you don’t deserve to be saved?” in a voice that clearly indicates that humanity completely confuses him. The fact that Dean thinks he doesn’t deserve to be saved confuses him, because that’s not what he knows, that’s not what he believes in. And for this one character to come to the show and immediately state to one of my favorite characters – if not my favorite – that he does deserve to be saved, well then who can really blame me for shipping it with all my heart, right. The other scene was the alley one. Which, come on, it’s basically Castiel’s love confession to Dean and somehow an otp isn’t a real otp, especially between two dudes, if bodily harm isn’t involved at least once. At least that’s the common denominator I was able to find.

    But anyways, you don’t wanna hear me go on and on about the epic love of the rebel angel and his hunter, y’all want some fic recs, so here we go.

    Destiel Fanfic Highlights:

    No One Would Riot For Less [M, 70,500 word count]

    Family reunions are a time of fun and good eating, or so Dean thinks. He plans on making this year’s reunion the best one yet, and he even got Sam to stop bitching long enough to drive back home and help. Sure, Cas is acting a little weird—donning the old trench coat like a lame ass caped crusader—but there’s nothing wrong between the two of them. Ever. So don’t even start.
    Sam, on the other hand, isn’t feeling quite so content. He’s dealing with a concussion or an out of body experience or something, because everything around him feels just wrong, from the tie around his neck to the shocking presence of Jess in his life. His confusion is only heightened by increasingly cryptic texts from a contact he’s saved as ‘Loki’—a contact that he doesn’t remember making. Loki seems to hold all the answers, including the answer to one disturbing question Sam can’t quite let go of—why does he think most of their family and friends should be long dead and buried?
    Dean’s belligerently happy. Sam’s genuinely confused. But to everyone else, life is just perfect.
    Maybe a little too perfect.

    No One Would Riot For Less
    by narukyu: OHMYGOD THIS FIC. Okay so, I can’t really say much about it without spoiling you, but this right here is one of my favorite tropes (is it even considered a trope?) and I wish there were more fics like this, because I absolutely love it to bits. I love the universe it creates and I love the mindfuck that it puts you through and I love Dean in this, I love how he holds on to his apple pie life so tightly and you should go read it because I don’t wanna spoil it for you and it’s really good.

    Holy!Dean Verse [NC-17, 73,300 word count]

    (summary of the first installment) Dean Winchester has grown used to God dicking around in his life the last couple years. But this crap? This takes the CAKE … or pie, rather. Now he’s been thrown a whole new curve-ball. The kind that has ended the Civil War in Heaven … but resulted in Raphael taking over, and hunting for Dean’s ass on a silver platter. Not to mention dealing with Balthazar acting like a self-righteous prick, Sam having some big damn epiphany on his big brother’s sexuality, and Cas eying him up like he’s the world’s juiciest cheeseburger. All that mixed with the chance to fix it all and set everything to rights … but only if Dean is willing to sacrifice himself. Again. Seriously, if he ever meets that bastard God he’s gonna- … oh hey, Chuck! What are you doing here?

    Holy!Dean Verse
    by bunnymaccool: I love love aus like this. All powerful Dean is one of my very favorite things and maybe it’s latent feelings for not getting the Michael!Dean that I wanted, but there’s just something about Dean being in control of extraordinary powers that just works for me. I love this series mostly because I think it mantains an air of lightness to it, even when dealing with complicated matters, there’s a certain lightness that I just really enjoy. The first one of this series is pretty extraordinary by itself. The second one I just love because of the interactions between Dean and his angels. The third one I love because Death is there and it’s so well written. I truly love this author’s depiction of the Horseman and the struggle that Dean has to go through in the aftermath of gaining his powers. Plus this series isn’t done yet and the author did them for DCBB so I’m excited to see if they will continue it in this year’s DCBB. I sure hope so, because I can truly not get enough of it.

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Queer Bar [NC-17, 121,000 word count (WIP)]

    Ellen and Jo Harvelle run Harvelle’s Roadhouse, a bar that unintentionally becomes a beacon for wayward queer souls.
    Her employees: Dean, the smartass runaway with a big heart and bigger mouth; Castiel, the college drop-out turned hippie; his (surprisingly heterosexual) trouble-making brother Gabriel; and Charlie, who has been told several times that the back room is not to be used for after-hours Dungeons & Dragons games.
    But there’s a lot of love in this place, and a new family for anyone who may otherwise be without.

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Queer Bar
     by ChasingRabbits: This series! Goddamn this series. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, OKAY. There are no words for the sheer love that I have for this fic. Here Dean and Cas are both screw ups, there’s really no other way around it. They both have a lot of problems with their pasts, they have a lot of problems to work through but they get together and they learn together how to be better and it’s so so good. They feel real and I love that, because most of the times in fanfiction the sky is the limit and a lot of people have their dream job and a college education. But this one! This one it makes them feel real.

    The author deals with Dean feeling trapped at home and Castiel’s anxiety beautifully, and I think they do it so in character that it’s fantastic. Because this is Cas and Dean and they don’t just go to therapy and talk it out, that’s not who they are and I love that about this too. Their relationship is beautiful and honestly I could feel that they loved each other here with the entire fucked-up-ness that comes with the package. Plus you have these beautifully written side characters that just make you happy. I am honestly in love with this verse and I can’t wait for more of it.

    posted 1 day ago on Aug 31, 2014 (Sun) at 6:09pm

    Group Ask #107 

    Relevant links:

    Ask #1 (): there’s this fic… #1

    Hey guys! I love this blog sooooooo much. I find most of fics I read on here :)I was wondering if you could help me find a fic? I started reading it but I lost the link and I want to finish it. Its a season 9 au, and at the start cas is drugged by a truck driver in his attempts to get to the bunker , and is raped.I know that’s not a lot to go on, but I didn’t get any further than that part. Cheers!

    Ask #2 (): deleted fic

    Hi, I am aware that it has been deleted, but if anyone had the foresight to download a copy of Nopholom’s Buliding Nothing out of Something, I would be really really grateful if they could either post it or send it to me. I cannot express how much I love that story, and it is tragic that it was deleted. Thank you very very much.

    This is a dean/cas/gabriel threesome fic. Original link is posted below. Wayback has the first chapter saved.

    Building Nothing out of Something [NC-17, 111,000 word count (abandoned WIP)]

    Gabriel found a gorgeous escort’s site online and decided to go to him with a kink he has, he gets considerably more than he paid for.

    Ask #3 (anon): serial killer!cas + no serial killer!dean

    Do you have any serial killer Castiel fics? I can only ever find ones with Dean as the killer, but I really want one with just Cas as the killer

    However, there are fics on the serial killer au tag with both of them as killers.

    Ask #4 (): there’s this fic… #2

    im looking for a fic where cas’ parents die when he is in kindergarten and he lives with ellen and he and dean are best friends. cas loves dean but think dean is straight. then cas get a gun off the wall and goes to the garage to kill himself but the bullets are blanks and dean finds him. cas doesnt die. thank you.

    Ask #5 (): there’s this fic… #3

    I’m looking for a fic where there’s one scene in which Dean runs into Lisa and Ben and goes to introduce Cas as his something, but then turns to him like “dude, what are we?” and it’s really cute. I know that’s suuuuper vague, but it’s really bugging me that I can’t remember. Anyways, if any of you happen to know, that would be AWESOME. Thanks :). I did remember that the one I’m thinking of was one where Dean takes Cas back home with him after they’ve gotten together, and that’s where they run into Lisa, if that helps. 

    Found by  and Pick It All Up.

    Ask #6 (): there’s this fic… #4

    There’s a fic I’m look for centered around Dean’s internalized homophobia, Dean won’t do anything ‘gay’ such as kissing and finally when he acclimates Cas cheats. Dean found sex acceptable but would not kiss or hold Cas because that crossed the line. Eventually they have a stilted somewhat relationship but Cas wrecks it by cheating with someone in a bar, which Dean walks in on.

    If any of our followers have anything to rec, drop it in our ask box (mention which ask you are talking about by number or bolded title). Thanks!!

    posted 1 day ago on Aug 31, 2014 (Sun) at 5:51pm
    "Hey! So I'm going through a dark and angsty fic phase right about now and I love fics where Dean and/or Cas need to deal with trauma (canon or AU), but a disappointing number have sex as The One-All Cure. So any fics that go really dark but have realistic recovery? Sorry if this isn't totally clear... *shuffles away awkwardly*"

    asker: Anonymous

    Here’s a listing of fics dealing with trauma and recovery without healing cock (but not necessarily nonexplicit). We didn’t limit this to darker fics and dark!fic, but the summaries/tags on ao3/tags here/author notes/etc and certainly reviews will tell you the tone of the fic. 

    If any of our followers have fics to suggest, let us know!


    Twelve Arches Facing the Sea [NC-14, 43,200 word count] note: MCD is not Dean or Cas.

    If Cas says anything else, Dean can’t hear it. There’s a hand over his face, a wetness at his mouth, and the volcano’s deafening silence rushing through his head like pyroclastic flow, like a landslide rolling over everything in sight and drowning it in death.

    posted 1 day ago on Aug 31, 2014 (Sun) at 5:30pm

    Follower Spotlight: ariasune 

    As part of destielfanfic’s anniversary celebration, here is a follower spotlight by ariasune!


    I’d always known about Supernatural - I’d been on tumblr for a few years and it was always sort of there. It’s almost unavoidable on tumblr, as you might well know, and since a lot of the people I followed were in the fandom, I was fairly accustomed to seeing gifs, edits, art - even fic - on my dashboard. So there it was, Supernatural waiting for me to start watching it, staring at me a little menacingly from the background of my web browser. I’m surprised I held out so long.

    Destiel, like Supernatural, was also something I’d always known about. Most of the gifs, edits, art, and fic that had turned up on my dashboard, featured these two men making some pretty thorough eyelove at each other. At first, I went from wondering who on earth these two were, to smiling whenever I saw those ‘queer supernaturals’ on my dashboard, and then right back into wondering who on earth they were. What were their stories? Why did they love each other? Were they canon or not? Who the hell were these two?

    As usual, I actually approached the fandom first for answers. I guess it’s a bit strange to read fanfiction of a show before watching the show, but it’s probably stranger to admit that shortly after I surfaced from my fanfiction dunk, I immediately I tried my hand at writing destiel. After that I ended up watching the show, albeit shamefully beginning with s4, but I suppose it would be hard to deny it was Destiel that had pulled me into the fandom.

    But then, how could it not? I enjoy the lore of the series, but it is the gravity and dynamic that comes from Dean and Castiel that invests me. Dean is this energetic bundle of personality, just all this energy and Castiel is, to put it best, “lightning in a bottle”. For two characters with this much push, and pull, to become so caught up in each other - and I mean this in the most canonically portrayed sense - is nothing short of incredible to watch.

    Incredible enough to draw me in with very little idea of their backstory, and I guess this is how we ended up here.

    Destiel Fanfic Highlights:

    I really wanted to spotlight fanfiction that maybe doesn’t get as much love as it should, and yet looking through my bookmarks, I realized that many of the fanfictions I cherish in this fandom are already given their well-deserved recognition. Whilst this was a bit troublesome, it was honestly lovely to see our fandom giving kudos where it is due.

    On the Wings of War [M, 85,000 word count]

    The four Horsemen are not just people with fancy rings. They aren’t even demons with fancy rings. They are another species entirely, a force unto themselves, and Lucifer is kidding himself if he thinks that they are at his beck and call. They are separate. They are neutral. Dean Winchester is not built like them.

    On the Wings of War
    by alchemyalice: This story remains my favourite Destiel (indeed, SPN) fic, and for good reason; its plot is a roller-coaster, its characterization is delicate and the conclusion scratched every bittersweet itch I’ve ever had. Although it is not the most romantic (even at its most emotional), nor is it especially fluffy, and it is definitely not smutty, but to me? This is the most perfect fic I can highlight. To me, this is Destiel at its core; it comes so close to canon, shows us what made us fall in love with the pairing, before giving in to the honest conclusion that the profound bond is a love story. I honestly wish we’d had this instead of Swan Song.

    Also I actually reviewed this fic here.

    cut it out, and then restart [NC-17, 11,400 word count]

    Dean goes to a bar, meets a guy, establishes a relationship, falls in love, and consummates it. Not in that order, though

    cut it out, and then restart by cheesewithmy: I suggest having a peek at the review here before I introduce this little gem. That aside this is probably the fanfiction I first remember reading, it was certainly the first one that made a real impression on me. Dean’s confusion, pain and - hell, the confessions from both of them - left me absolutely reeling. This is really the story that got me in touch with the ship, and predictably, it’s angst-ridden and a quick kick in the heart, but what a kick it is.

    One Species Too Many [NC-17, 21,500 word count]

    While Dean is laid up for a month after breaking his leg on a hunt, Cas decides that it’s a perfect time to adopt a litter of kittens. But even though he’s gotten better since Purgatory, Cas still isn’t quite the same as he was before fixing Sam’s head, and being trapped in a cabin with him for weeks on end is making that all the more obvious to Dean. When Sam takes off on a hunt, Dean has to figure out on his own how to navigate his new relationship with Cas while also helping to raise a bunch of fuzzballs that aren’t even cute. Not even a little bit. (Well, maybe a little bit.)

    One Species Too Many
    by wallmakerrelict: And after those two bitter tasting fanfictions, I wanted to round off with something sweeter, and I decided on this bigbang ‘12 palate-cleanser. This is another one of the first stories I read, and it remained with me for far longer than a lot of fluff does. Part of that was no doubt the addition of kittens to the mix, but a much larger part of that was the handling of post-purgatory Castiel still being a bit off. The issue is very close to my heart and struck a very close chord with me, and I think anybody who has had someone they love in circumstances like Castiel’s, will empathize a lot with Dean’s pov. Also kitties.

    posted 2 days ago on Aug 30, 2014 (Sat) at 4:07pm

    Follower Spotlight: destieljunkie 

    As part of destielfanfic’s anniversary celebration, here is a follower spotlight by destieljunkie!


    I first started watching Supernatural because I thought it sounded like an original and interesting concept but I live in the UK so I was a little behind on new episodes. I loved the pilot so much that I pulled an all-nighter and watched the entire first two seasons back to back and have been obsessed with it ever since.

    I stumbled upon Destiel by accident when I was searching for SPN images on the internet and an image of Dean and Cas kissing popped up. Photo-shopped of course, but I was hypnotized by it so I started researching this thing called Destiel that I hadn’t even realized existed until about half way through Season 6. So I re-watched every episode from Castiel’s first appearance and couldn’t believe how I had missed something in the show that is so tragically beautiful.

    Then I discovered the wonders of Destiel fan fiction a few years ago and there was no going back! I read so many wonderful stories that inspired me so much that last year I started thinking I might like to try and write some myself. Then I got into A/B/O dynamics and it fits with Destiel so perfectly that it has become my passion. I am so happy to be a member of such a fantastic community.

    Destiel Fanfic Highlights:

    There are so many really well written and beautiful pieces out there that it would be almost impossible to pick a favourite but I have recommended a few links here for stories that I really enjoyed and deserve a mention.

    and anywhere I lay my head I’ll call it home [NC-17, 13,100 word count]

    While driving cross country to meet up with his brother for Sam’s spring break, Dean’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The closest sign of civilization is a backwater, ‘only the locals know about this place’ kind of bar. Castiel is a mysterious guy who works in the bar some nights, singing covers of Tom Waits’ songs.

    and anywhere I lay my head I’ll call it home by janie_tangerine: This was one of the first Destiel fics that I ever read and I loved the way that Castiel was portrayed here. He was so damaged and vulnerable and just living day to day working on his music and doing shifts at the Roadhouse. Dean was travelling across the country and you could feel that he was just another lonely soul wanting to find someone to care for. He fell for Castiel from the minute they met and there was something so poignant about how special Dean made him feel when he went back to him. When Castiel sings just for Dean it felt like they were the only two people in the world and I loved everything about this story.

    A Dreadful Symmetry [NC-17, 37,200 word count]

    After a failed suicide attempt, prompted by his father’s death and a love affair gone sour, Castiel Novak is persuaded to visit the prisoners of Newgate prison by his pious older brother, Michael, in the hopes of lifting his depression.
    Castiel finds himself drawn to one of the inmates, the enigmatic Dean Winchester, a man committed for fraud. Dean appears equally fascinated with Castiel and soon confides in Castiel that he has had contact with the dead. Castiel is at first sceptical but unexplained events prompt him to rethink his stance on the supernatural.
    However, the Governor of Newgate prison warns Castiel that no good can come from his association with Dean.
    Is Dean all he seems, or is Castiel the victim of an elaborate con?

    A Dreadful Symmetry
    by : I liked this story because it was set in a time where homophobia was tragically all too real. It detailed the ideas that same sex relationships still happened but nobody talked about or acknowledged them. It centres on Newgate prison which was a notoriously dreadful place to be held and Castiel visits the prison and Dean falls in love with him at first sight. I think this must be something I love because all my favourite fics are when Dean and Cas just seem to fit together perfectly from their first meeting. There’s a bit of angst but a lovely happy ending that made me smile.

    the open sky (is mine tonight) [NC-17, 22,000 word count]

    Castiel Novak is a wedding planner in San Francisco who doesn’t have the time or the energy for a relationship right now. After an accident introduces him to the charming pediatrician Dean Winchester, he thinks that might change. Unfortunately, Dean is engaged to Castiel’s new favorite client, Anna Milton, and it’s suddenly a game of tug-o-war between what Castiel wants and what Castiel needs — but as he comes to find out, often time those things are exactly the same.

    the open sky (is mine tonight)
    by weatheredlaw: One of my all-time favourite fics which deserves a lot more acclaim. It is a wonderfully real and sometimes cynical view of why people stay in relationships that they think are safe because of what society dictates. This story follows the personal struggles that Dean and Castiel have to overcome to be together and they both decide to follow their hearts instead of just accepting the hand that has been dealt to them. I re-read this recently because I loved it so much. I still got butterflies when they finally got together and of course they fall in love and live happily ever after. Naturally.

    And some I just had to mention:


    posted 2 days ago on Aug 30, 2014 (Sat) at 3:37pm