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    New to Fanfiction? 

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    This isn’t specific to destiel. Here is our guide for those new to destiel. You might also be interested in our guide to finding fic (tips and tricks)!

    Caveat: I was out of fandom from ~2004 to 2011, so some of this isn’t first hand experience (I missed lj’s heyday…the fandom side at least). But I have a thing for wikis and have no idea how many hours I’ve spent on wikipedia, supernaturalwiki, tvtropes, and fanlore


    • Fanfic Archives and Fandom Spaces
    • Ratings
    • Characterizations
    • Tropes & Genres
    • Some Terms to Know

    Fanfic Archives and Fandom Spaces:

    before 1998/9 = individual archives (one fan’s list by year 1990-2007), mailing lists

    1998/9 and on = []

    • no differentiation between M and NC-17 since explicit/nc-17 is technically not allowed (banned in 2003; every few years they delete a bunch of adult stories; was created after the ban but was never really popular)

    2003/4 and on = livejournal [lj] (dreamwidth [dw] coming about after censorship issues at lj; was a fandom-friendly alternative to lj)

    2007/8 and on = tumblr

    2008/9 and on = archive of our own [ao3]

    • surge in popularity mid-2011 due to an incident at lj and people wanting to backup their stories 

    Ratings: The differences between Teen/PG-13, Mature/R, and Explicit/NC-17: our guide; fanlore’s guide.

    Characterizations: What’s with the tendency to make one a wilting flower and emphasize differences in height, skin color (“cas isn’t super pale…”), and overall size? (See also: patriarchy, gender roles.)

    (all quoted from fanlore):


    • dominant or “pursuing” half
    • usually taller and often older than the uke, and sometimes exhibits stereotypical alpha male characteristics: overprotective, masculine (compared to the uke — most seme characters are still drawn in a relatively androgynous style), and physically powerful. Artistically, they are often depicted with smaller eyes, more well-defined jawlines, and a generally more “adult” appearance.


    • submissive or “pursued” half
    • often shorter, younger, and physically weaker than the seme, drawn with androgynous/feminine features like big eyes, and frequently has long or otherwise “pretty” hair.

    Tropes & Genres (just a selection; all of this is from fanlore and tvtropes):

    See also: tropes [tvtropes], slash tropes, slash tropes by fandom, dean/castiel.

    Some Terms to Know:

    AU: stories that take place in an alternate universe

    BDSM: BD: bondage & discipline, DS: domination & submission, SM: sadism & masochism. More on wikipedia and fanlore.

    canon: source material

    canon verse: stories that take place in the same universe as the source material

    femslash: female/female romantic relationship

    IC: in character

    MCD: major character death

    OC/OFC/OMC: original character (could specify female or male)

    OOC: out of character

    trait!character: a way to describe the character’s state (ex: job, emotion, state, anything really…mechanic!dean, possessive!cas, demon!dean)

    trope reversal: switching the roles typically played by characters (ex: jock!cas/nerd!dean or righteous man!cas/angel!dean)

    WIP: work in progress

    • on designated by a lack of “Status: Complete” at the top of the fic
    • on livejournal: author will usually mention it next to the word count
    • on AO3: designated by the chapters field at the top of the fic
      • 3/?: three chapters complete out of an unknown number
      • 6/30: six chapters complete out of an expected 30 (may be finished or just planned by the author)

    See also: Fan Fiction Dictionary, Fanfiction Terminology, Fanlore GlossaryList of Fan Fiction Terms.

    Group Ask #92 

    Relevant links:

    Ask #1 (): jealous!dean

    Do you guys know of any destiel fics where Henry Winchester tags along as the young gentleman he was and charms the pants off of Cas, and Dean gets a little disgruntled about it? I saw a comic once to that effect and couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I’ve looked but all I can find are nc17 threesomes, which isn’t really what I’m looking for. I adore this blog! Thanks for any help you can offer!

    Ask #2 (): there’s this fic… #1

    Could you help me find a Destiel fic I read? It was like Dean took eight year old Sammy to an amusement park and was scared of heights but kept going on the Ferris wheel because “he wanted to know blue eyes’ name”

    Ask #3 (): synesthesia

    Do you happen to know a fic related to synesthesia ?

    Submitted by :

    Synaesthesia [NC-17, 5,400 word count]

    The sensation in which the brain confuses senses and sensations are communicated differently to the brain, so sounds may be tasted, or colours may be heard. The writer, Castiel Novak, managed to use his synaesthesia for the purpose of his writing, even though seeing sounds as vivid hallucinations wasn’t always his idea of fun. Especially when the new waiter at his favourite coffee shop makes him see the most scintillating things with that damn voice of his. 

    Ask #4 (daddyjensen): there’s this fic… #2

    i was wondering if you could help me find a fic. its the one where dean and cas are in a law enforcement office theme but they deliver breakfast and baked goods to everyone in the office???? ive searched the law enforcement tag briefly but can’t seem to find it.

    Found by :

    Nightly Pursuits [NC-17, 15,600 word count]

    Castiel runs a cafe during the day and dabbles in thievery at night. The man he’s secretly in love with is a homicide detective for Hellspoint Police Department in California. But then there’s a murder. And Castiel might have stolen something while it happened. And Dean’s just along for the ride.

    If any of our followers have anything to rec, drop it in our ask box (mention which ask you are talking about by number or bolded title). Thanks!!

    posted 1 day ago on Apr 14, 2014 (Mon) at 5:57pm


    Desolation by MooseFeels
    Rating: M
    Word Count: 25,200
    Summary: Slavery is legal, but contentious. Clinics across America work to free slaves, either by shuttling refugees across the border into Canada or by buying them at auction and freeing them. The Chicago Roadhouse is such a clinic, and Castiel Novak is an accountant for them. He comes home one day with more than his meager paycheck.

    A slavery AU fic can be a gateway to many kinks for some and triggers for others. This heartfelt, emotional story takes a different approach and stands on its own. Here, the author has created a world that is very similar to ours except for widespread, legal slavery and its damaging impact on society. The story starts at the point where most of slave AU stories usually end: Dean is a freed slave and Castiel is his reluctant tutor in all things free people take for granted – a hot meal, open communication, access to medical care, agency over your own body, while Gabriel takes care of literacy and a strip club. Dean’s physical recovery from the hell of human making is slow and heartwrenching, full of quiet hurt/comfort moments between him and Cas, with both of them giving as good as they’re getting.

    I really loved how the author showed us that even inside an abused body, Dean is still the same person we know – rebellious and defiant with a cocky grin, beaten but not broken. The tender romance that follows is well deserved and delightful to read; it seems that I’ve a soft spot for stories where Dean and Cas understand each other silently, sigh. And while this story is mostly about Dean’s recovery, it is also an emancipation story where anti-slavery lawyer Sam Winchester has an important role to play; his friendship and bonding moments with Dean bring additional emotions to the story and are crucial to the plot.

    posted 3 days ago on Apr 12, 2014 (Sat) at 6:20pm

    Unofficial Rec Bulletin #56 

    You can submit fics to be include in these here. Other recs/promos/etc can be dropped in our ask box. Link to previous bulletins.


    Fic Recs:

    Other Recs/Promos:

    Fic Recs:

    Can’t Breathe Without You [NC-17, 8,700 word count]

    (angst, porn, su, bottom!dean, season 9, coda)
    recced by

    Set Post 9x13(ish). Cas shows up where Dean is staying and they haven’t seen each other in weeks. Dean pulls his friend into a tight embrace, and for the first time, Cas hugs back. Dean falls into a panic attack; can’t breathe or comprehend what is happening to him. Cas comforts him and in a split-second everything changes and Dean learns why he couldn’t breathe.

    Fallen Leaves [T, 21,400 word count]

    (au, fluff, writer!cas, mechanic!dean, roommates, best friends, !samjess)
    recced by ananonymousrule

    After losing his job and the support of his family, Castiel finds himself alone in a city he doesn’t know, hoping to find his long-lost sister. A chance encounter with Sam, a young lawyer, throws him head first in the Winchesters’ odd little world. When he meets Sam’s brother, Dean, his life takes a rather unexpected turn. Not that Castiel is complaining.

    Fearson’s Floating Cigarette [M, 11,500 word count]

    (fluff, au, love hate, protective!dean, rom com, celebrity, feelings recovery)
    recced by flyingcatstiel

    "That son of a bitch," Dean says. He strangles the handful of french fries he’s been holding, and one by one their warm, helpless, potato-y insides crumble over the tops of his fingers. He feels a brief burst of irrational, almost homicidal rage. "That floppy bow-tie wearing son of a bitch.” Dean is gonna kill Jimmy Wonderman. He’s gonna shove a never-ending string of scarves down his throat. He’s gonna make him eat balloon animals until he floats off into space.

    Letters to Dean [M, 12,300 word count]

    (au, war, long distance, best friends)
    recced by anon

    A collection of letters that Castiel writes to Dean who is in Iraq.

    Wait Till You Have Kids [M, 34,900 word count]

    (angst, su, bamf!cas, fallen!cas, jealous!dean, possessive!dean, protective!dean, depression, suicidal, danger/sacrifice, horror, charlie, coda, season 9, purgatory, dreams)
    recced by

    Dean discovers that there are monsters who call him kin, too… and has to answer the question, which side is he really on?

    Other Recs/Promos:

    Debriel Mini Bang Signups

    A mini bang for Dean/Gabriel (5,000 word count minimum). Author signups are now open and close April 15th. Artist signups open June 12th and close July 3rd. Link to the comm’s faq.

    March of Minions

    March of Minions is a charity challenge blog for fans of Supernatural & supporters Random Acts on tumblr. (Why, yes, we do mean you.) Lace up your jackboots and get your trenchcoat.

    SPN Art Challenge: Movie Poster Crossover

    April’s theme is: Movie Poster Crossover

    All you gotta do is choose a poster from any exiting movie and redraw it with SPN characters! Anything, really!!

    Posting will start on April 14th and will end on April 21st.
    Don’t forget to tag your works with #spnartchallenge, within the first five tags of your post, so everyone can see them!

    SPN Spring Fling

    The yearly spring fling fic and art exchange has started posting!

    posted 3 days ago on Apr 12, 2014 (Sat) at 6:05pm
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    "I am so glad that you, the mods of this blog, exist."

    posted 3 days ago on Apr 12, 2014 (Sat) at 5:56pm

    Hey Jealousy 

    Hey Jealousy by whreflections
    AO3 link
    Rating: T
    Word Count: 3,700
    Summary: After the apocalypse, everyone sits back to let things settle for awhile. The Winchesters are trying to take a breather after barely managing to avoid becoming meatsuits, Ellen’s making plans for a new Roadhouse in South Dakota, and Castiel is becoming more human every day. With all the new family around and the time to spend doing things other than worrying about the end of the world, Cas isn’t exactly perching on Dean’s shoulder anymore.

    We recently got an ask looking for jealousy over friendships and I really hope the asker sees this review, because this fic is absolutely perfect for them. It’s a lighter piece - the apocalypse is over and people are getting used to being unburdened by imminent doom. But what happens when your SO’s very confined social circle starts to open up? If you’re Dean, the answer is to angst on how they’re moving on to better relationships now that they aren’t forced to be by your side anymore. I love how believable Dean’s jealousy is - the author doing a great job showing how the root of the problem is Dean’s insecurities and highlighting how we can’t always control how things make us feel but we can control how we deal with those feelings. Despite the low word count, you get to see Dean go full circle and it’s a very satisfying read.

    posted 5 days ago on Apr 10, 2014 (Thu) at 6:33pm

    Store-Brand All-Purpose Flour  

    Store-Brand All-Purpose Flour by xaandria
    Rating: T
    Word Count: 7,300
    Summary: The flour baby assignment was infamous, and always disrupted classes for at least a week while the current batch of ninth graders being shuffled through health class lugged around bags of flour with varying amounts of enthusiasm. The premise was that the teenagers would realize the trials of being teen parents. Dean figured that it just showed they were all unsuited to work at bakeries.

    I read short fics, but very rarely do I take the time to write up a review. This fic is a delightful exception for me.  What I thought was going to be a fluffy, silly one-shot about the trials and tribulations of keeping a “Flour bag” intact turned into a serious glimpse of the challenges of coming out in high school. In just over 7K words, the author shows the importance camaraderie in the face of social segregation, bullying and familial pressures.  Beautifully written, this is an example that good things come in small packages.

    posted 5 days ago on Apr 10, 2014 (Thu) at 6:12pm


    TutorMate by ehryn
    Rating: M
    Word Count: 21,100
    Summary: Sam leaves Dean’s laptop logged in to some app called “TutorMate” and Dean meets his brother’s tutor. Cas helps him with his own work and they strike up a friendship. Before long Dean finds himself growing attached to the cute, clever Cas and flirtatiously suggests they go on a date if he applies himself to his college work. Cas agrees, but Dean discovers his online friend is not quite what he expected. (Or, in which Dean thinks he’s met a cute girl and finds out he’s actually met a cute boy.)

    A long time ago I confessed my love for internet anonymity stories and we’ve been getting asks for new fics ever since. Well folks, here it is! A brand new 
    meet the-cutie-on-the-internet fic with a generous amount of online messaging. Dean and Cas are adorably dorky flirts, with their personalities shining through short sentences and emoticons; Sam thinks he has the prank to end all pranks on his hands and Gabriel is just happy that Cassie has a new friend. Then date night comes along and everybody freaks out because Dean is the only one not in on the joke. Will their internet friendship be enough to overcome the simple fact that Cas is a he-cutie? Or will Dean fuck up everything?

    posted 1 week ago on Apr 7, 2014 (Mon) at 6:38pm

    Gained in Translation 

    Gained in Translation by aesc
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 4,800
    Summary: Possibly, Dean thinks when he flips off the radio and the kitchen falls into a buzzing, anxious silence, he is going nuts. Only maybe he’s got some serious denial going on, that he’s pushed the end of the world back underneath work, fixing the Impala, fixing other cars for Bobby’s few customers.

    This was a wonderful slice-of-life during the apocalypse fic, with Dean as a bit of an outsider as Bobby, Sam, and Cas get their research on. Taking a break from the Impala to comment on spellwork, Dean’s surprised to find he’s fluent in languages he shouldn’t be. And yeah, ok…so maaaybe it’s just a delightful way to work in some rather fabulous language kink, but I’m not complaining! And it has the best type of porn - character driven, emotional porn. The author also does a great job conveying intimacy without the narrative becoming saccharine or going over the top. Just read it!

    posted 1 week ago on Apr 7, 2014 (Mon) at 6:17pm

    Song of Songs 

    Song of Songs by architeuthis
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: 28,000 (abandoned WIP)
    Summary (of first installment): Dean explores the First Law of Tragicomedies, in the medium of gay panic. Castiel assists.

    This is technically an abandoned WIP. However, don’t let that stop you from sinking your teeth into this old favorite. It leaves off in a fantastic place - both in terms of relationship development between Dean and Cas and also in terms of Dean’s character arc. Set toward the end of season 4 (but started before Jimmy’s backstory was known), this is a perfect fic choice if you are interested in the beginnings of Dean and Cas’ relationship. The fic explores the times between all the apocalyptic danger, with a delightful amount of hurt/comfort and just enough humor and “fluff” to keep it from getting too angsty (while Cas is getting used to human experiences, Dean is getting used to Cas experiences).

    It’s season 4, so you get some Dean angsting about Hell and being rescued. You’ll also find old fic trends like hypersensitivity between Dean and Cas touching (centered around the handprint and the reason why I’ve added our spells tag) and canon verse, gay panic Dean. I’m not typically a fan of gay panic but love how it was handled here. I enjoyed the characterization in general, but found myself particularly impressed with Cas’ (despite it being from Dean’s pov). The author just did a great job of showing how alien he is and an even better job of showing its effect on Dean and what it means to even befriend a supernatural creature whose very form is beyond his comprehension. But what I love most about this fic is how it highlights how this strange relationship that shouldn’t work does

    posted 1 week ago on Apr 5, 2014 (Sat) at 5:20pm
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